A very special person

Occasionally I meet or hear about someone and think: wow, he or she is something special.

That happened this afternoon listening to an interview with this young man on Radio Five Live.

Alex Hanscombe is the son of tragic Rachel Nickell who was brutally murdered on Wimbledon Common in 1992. Just three years old at the time, he was the sole witness.

His spiritual journey (spiritual not religious) left the female reporter out of her depth but was truly inspiring.

In a nutshell, he doesn’t forgive her murderer because of religious doctrine but as a result of his progression as a human being. He knows that unless he ‘lets go’ emotionally of what happened the person who will be hurt is himself.

Can’t wait to read his book…

2 thoughts on “A very special person

  1. Interesting, John. I saw an interview with him , and his Dad on daytime tv, describing all their feelings. It’s difficult to comprehend forgiveness on this scale,
    I wonder if any of the relatives of those killed in Manchester will come to this conclusion? I was particularly struck by the fact that his Dad apologised to the man who had been wrongly accused and I think imprisoned, for this murder


    1. I’m currently reading Alex’s book, Janet, and will comment further when I have finished it. ‘Forgiveness’ when it is genuine is one of the most amazing and heart warming features of our world. I was particularly struck, Janet, by the idea that Alex came to his conclusions, not because he is following a religious doctrine and felt he was supposed to forgive, but as a result of his own life journey. More to come……..


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