We have ALREADY denied ourselves best chance to learn from London atrocity

SKY NEWS is reporting, as I write, that seven people have been killed in last night’s terror attack in London.

Without needing to resort to a calculator, I can tell you that figure is at least TEN.

For three attackers were also gunned down – and with them, perhaps, goes our best hope of learning from this latest atrocity.

I make this point for several reasons. Firstly, I don’t believe that in a so-called civilised, democratic society we should kill people in our streets. At least not if there is any possible alternative.

No problem with shooting and disabling them – but how about showing there is a different way in line with the high moral values we always attribute to ourselves?

It’s very difficult to argue that maiming and killing people is wrong, if we do it ourselves.

Is it not the case that ‘suicide bombers’ are looking to be killed? The clue is in the name. They have come to a shocking stage of their lives where they plan to create mayhem in return for martyrdom. You don’t have to be a theologian to argue with that lack of logic but it’s useful here to put ourselves in their heads for a while and deny them their wish.

The other benefit of restraint is the intelligence value that could be gained from interrogating these people.  It could well be hugely helpful in reducing the number of future attacks.

They should then be put on trial and made to live the rest of their lives in prison in solitary conferment. That’s no soft option.

Instead today we stand light years away from tackling this fast-increasing problem because we aren’t prepared as a nation to admit to our own violence.

Britain is not a passive nation, calmly spreading values of democracy and freedom throughout the world.

We are deep in the rabbit hole of war and violence. It is estimated that every day we kill seven people in other parts of the world.

And what are we trying to achieve? I’d respectfully suggest that, if you honestly think we have a moral mission to rid the rest of the world of autocratic dictators, you aren’t willing to engage with the real world.

Perhaps you should consider how our obscene support for Saudi Arabia fits with that naïve idea.

Instead we follow far from unwillingly in the slipstream of our ‘special’ friends from across the water in their well-documented mission to regime change large chunks of the Middle East.

We can all agree with Prime Minister Theresa May’s sentiments today that ‘enough is enough’ and ‘terrorism breeds terrorism’ – but unless we wake up to the fact that WE are part of the problem, we can’t even contemplate a solution.


One thought on “We have ALREADY denied ourselves best chance to learn from London atrocity

  1. I agree with most of your points, and generally I believe that shooting people is wrong. I assume, however, that in this situation as the terrorists were wearing suicide vests which turned out to be fake but could be assumed to be real, the police believed that by shooting them they were saving many more lives


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