Trump warning brings echoes of ‘weapons of mass destruction’

DONALD TRUMP’s ‘warning’ of another deadly chemical weapons attack to be launched by the Syrian government has awful and familiar echoes about it.

Remember ‘weapons of mass destruction capable of getting here in 45 minutes’ and all that?

The comparison is I can assure you totally genuine.

Saddam Hussein had no such weapons and couldn’t reach Britain in 45 years, let alone 45 minutes

President Assad, almost certainly, has no chemical weapons either, so isn’t going to unleash such an attack any time soon.

Any reasonable – by that I mean unbiased and sticking to the facts as we know them – analysis of what has been going on in the Middle East can only come to one conclusion: the Americans are provoking war.

If there have been three more ‘westernised’ leaders in the region than Hussein, Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi and Assad, they must be well hidden.

Most of the barbarism, terrorism – call it what you like – comes from the likes of Israel, that untouchable in the room, and Saudi Arabia.

Even Iran has a much more modest record of being involved in warfare and expansion than we are constantly led to believe.

The issue has and always will be about power and resources.

America drew up its list of countries for regime change before the turn of the century – strangely, the same countries Trump sought to install a travel ban on when first elected – and, bingo, they are going through them one by one.

Iraq? Tick, complete disaster; Afghanistan? Tick, complete disaster; Libya, ditto. And so, the power game grinds on mercilessly, leaving literally millions of lives changed for ever in its wake.

We think we have a fair and accurate media in this country – at least many of us do. But we only actually hear from one side.

How many people know how Assad answered claims his government had launched a chemical weapons attack a few months ago? Did you know he totally refuted having any chemical weapons and called upon the United Nations to investigate? Oh, and that request was blocked by, guess who, the United States of America!

Now, without any evidence whatsoever, Trump is stirring the waters once again. Apparently, it’s all part of his mission to eliminate ISIS. Really? That will be difficult as ISIS are fighting on the other side AGAINST Assad, so the way to defeat them in Syria is obviously enough to back Assad’s government. But, for power game reasons, that could never happen. America and Russia can never be seen to be on the same side – not when there’s a Third World War on the short-term agenda.

My point is this: America is the United Kingdom’s main ally. Forget Trump, this really isn’t about him. The links between America and ourselves run much deeper than that. Whatever America wants, America gets when it comes to warfare and our involvement. For if and when Trump sends forces into Syria in a bid to regime change yet another country, we will not so much be in their slipstream but right beside them. That’s how it works with what I will call ‘the axis of evil’.

Have we learned our lessons from Iraq? The answer is both yes and no.

The people are already highly suspicious of such claims after the invasion of Iraq was proven to be on entirely false pretences. We will not give our government the easy time it seeks when it plunges us into this conflict still more deeply. But the government is merely following the same agenda as Blair and Bush all those years ago. We are playing the power game – and truth and justice will not be allowed to get in our way.

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