Are you awake or just sleeping?

“WHAT matters to you, folks?”


Grenfell Tower fire and what it means to our society. How can we avoid future terror attacks? Creating a more equal society. War and crisis in the Middle East and the need for world peace. Search for meaning and purpose in modern day life.


The hypnotist clicks his fingers: “Now, SLEEP! ………What matters to you, folks?”


Celebrities, fashion, making money, the latest mobile phone, Wimbledon, Leicester City’s pre-season signings, becoming more successful than my neighbour.


“Tell me, folks, do you believe in hypnotism?”


Nah, that sort of thing is nonsense. Only a very few gullible people can be hypnotised. Mind control is great for films, but doesn’t exist in modern day society. We make our own opinions and decisions. We live in a democracy, the land of the free.


“Carry on sleeping, folks…….”

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