Deadly trap most folk will cue to fall into…..

JUST been watching a BBC South video about a microchip you can now have implanted in your hand.

It was very ordinary in nature – therein lies the problem – but totally extraordinary at the same time.

It struck me when listening to this short film just how far we have come in 25 years – not just in terms of technology but the way we have been groomed to accept it.

As a ‘born again’ Christian in the early 1990s I used to speak about humans being microchipped.

My source came from the mysterious Book of Revelation – all books in the Bible are very difficult to understand but this one, speaking of the future destiny of mankind, all the more so.

In Revelation chapter 13 verses 16- 17 it says: ‘And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.’

We interpreted the ‘mark’ to refer to the microchip back then and I stand by that.

The interesting point about back then – a comparatively short time ago in human history – is that people laughed at the idea of being microchipped. Why would they ever do such a thing?

How things have changed!

The reason is that we have had our minds made more fertile step by step.

We’ve grown to love our technology – first to watch it, then to hold it and wear it before the ultimate of accepting it inside your body.


Technology has become a huge part of our everyday lives – no longer a luxury but a necessity. We all know that awful sinking feeling when we can’t find our mobile phones.

Films highlight current and future technology in both entertaining and frightening ways, we communicate with it – as in this article – and it enriches modern day life in countless ways.

Yet with a little knowledge comes the little-thought-out conclusion that it can only be good for us.

The BBC video was marketing the microchip as the perfect way of not losing your car keys.

It then went on to say it could be used in the near future in the same way as your bank card.

What did that weird Bible book say about buying and selling?

The implant can be done in 30 seconds, is totally painless and has loads of benefits.

What possibly could be wrong about that?

Assurance is given that the chip is inert and can’t be used to trace your movements.

Cue a silly joke about the Government not going to take over your hand – and the sales pitch is complete.

And that’s a news item – not an advertisement.

This really is just the start of the ‘benefits’ of being microchipped.

Coming soon is the chance to be permanently wired up to the ‘cloud’ – sounds like a geek’s paradise, but it’s much more serious than that.

Imagine how technology could ease the strain on our brains, ensuring we stay mentally sharper and live for longer.

By now, 99.9 per cent of folk are totally sold.

All of this would indeed be good if technology was always used for positive reasons

So, ask yourself this question: why the warning?

It’s all there for you in black and white written hundreds of years before you and I were born.

It is telling you of a deadly trap being set for mankind – the dehumanisation of our planet.

The aim is to transform us into a far different society.

We all know about artificial intelligence – well, you could just be about to become a part of it.

What would be lost along with your risk of Alzheimer’s or getting cancer is your greatest gift of all – your humanity, the part of you that cares, loves, thinks before it acts and has empathy.

Robots have logic and are built to last, but they don’t possess that very essence of life that still marks us out as a potentially brilliant civilisation.

My words will fall on deaf and closed ears – I know that full well from my experience 25 years ago.

People will not need a second invitation to fix their lives through these implants.

Those who do so will laugh at people like me who refuse.

Remember ‘666’?

One thought on “Deadly trap most folk will cue to fall into…..

  1. My source came from the mysterious Book of Revelation – ALL BOOKS in the Bible are very difficult to understand BUT THIS ONE, speaking of the future destiny of mankind, all the more so.

    ***I wonder why that is… hmmmm


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