POPE FRANCIS has ruffled a few feathers with his outspoken comments on a range of issues since taking the top job in the Roman Catholic Church.

But surely none of his pronouncements have been more controversial – some would say plain crazy – than something he said in May 2014.

He told the world’s media that he would be prepared to ‘baptise a Martian’, a story reported in both The Guardian and The Independent in this country.

What on earth was going on?

Was the Pontiff feeling a bit green around the gills, having a bad hair day or preparing a dissertation titled ‘Loseus Plotus’?

Absolutely not. His comments were carefully considered, as I will explain.

I wrote yesterday about how our core personal beliefs – often a result of how we have been educated and our consumption of mainstream media – rules some possibilities out as being plain daft.

I don’t know how many people in the UK believe in aliens, or ETs as I’d prefer to call them.

But I’d wager many folk’s eyes glazed over at the hint of little green men.

We can’t see, hear, smell or touch them  – therefore they don’t exist.

Or do they?

Firstly, let’s consider the position of the Pope.  Whatever you or I may think about the Catholic Church, he is in a very powerful position, speaking for millions of believers.

He is also in close touch with other world leaders, both political and spiritual.

Francis is no idiot nor crackpot. He will have had a fair idea just how his words would be received.

In my opinion, his comments were a form of ‘soft disclosure’ of an issue that has been kept away from the general public for decades.

We’ve all read reports such as the Roswell UFO crash and the mysterious Area 51 in America.

But what many of us are unaware of is the existence of secret space projects in that country going back decades.

We are talking here about a trillion dollar industry that has no discernible accountability and which even the highest ranking officials in the USA don’t know a great deal about.

Presidents such as Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter have all hinted that they know about the existence of ETs.

Reagan made a tantalising speech in which he suggested that the world’s differences would be reduced to insignificance if there was an alien invasion.

None, however, has told the world what we really need to know.

The reason for such secrecy is manifold.

The elite worries about how the general public would react should they be told categorically ‘we are not alone’.

But there’s more to it than that.

What will Americans think when they realise how much of their national budget has literally gone missing on projects they have never been told about?

The timing of what would amount to one of the most sensational announcements in world history must be right.

Pope Francis knows far more than he is prepared to speak publicly about just yet.

He is one of the world leaders to visit Antartica, another of the elite’s closely-guarded secrets.

Far from being an unpopulated wall of ice, it is home to several military bases  – Britain, America and Russia all included – and the scene of more recent ET developments.

The Pontiff, therefore, wasn’t going out of his mind – merely preparing the world for remarkable news.

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