Real question we need to ask about technology

TO some folk, new technology is producing the greatest advancements in our world.
To others, it represents the unmistakeable rise of Big Brother.
My answer is simple: both are true.
Technology per se is neither good nor evil. Electricity can empower and fry you, food nourishes and poisons, it’s no different with current day discoveries.
One of the greatest inventors of all time, Nikola Tesla, was conversant with such issues.
The same guy credited with discovering alternating current and being one of the forerunners behind the modern day X-Ray consistently came out with ideas he wished to be used for the benefit of mankind.
Unfortunately, living in America, he had a problem. For the US were always looking ways to militarise Tesla’s ideas.
So it is with new technology.
Once you’ve invented something, you can’t uninvent it.
The musical genius who was David Bowie was one of the first ‘celebrities’ to enthusiastically endorse the Internet as one of the best advances of all for the planet.
Yet, when he began to see how it was being used, it was a far different story.
Same Internet, neither good nor evil.
The real question we must answer is: can we trust the powers behind it?
It is entirely up to you to come to your own conclusion.

All I’d ask you is to consider the kind of world we are now living in.
We have the resources on planet earth to feed, clothe and house all our inhabitants – yet millions are dying of poverty.
Despite advances in almost every field of knowledge, we remain on the brink of nuclear disaster.
Do you honestly believe our rulers have the interests of mankind at heart?
Or, perhaps, they are more interested in increasing their own profits and their stranglehold on the 99.9 per cent who serve them?
Ultimately, this will become a far more important question than it is today.
Right now we still have choices whether to co-operate with the rise of technology.
Coming soon is the day when that choice will be taken away.
Then you will be on one side or the other.
Able to buy and sell, travel, eat and consume to your heart’s content but part of a ‘machine’ designed to squeeze your humanity out of you or shut out from all these things but with your ‘soul’ intact.
I know which side I will be on – that’s why I’m determined to enjoy life now!

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