The world is a ‘pyramid’ but who are our real CEOs?

I RECALL a time when labelling anything as a ‘pyramid organisation’ was akin to linking it with The Devil.
A new sales fad had emerged. Perhaps you would get an invitation to a presentation in a friend’s house.
Your friend would be very excited at the new discovery they had come across.
All he or she had to do was run a few parties, sell their particular product – and attract more folk, like you, to become the next sales reps.
Then someone would raise the inevitable objection that this was nothing but yet another pyramid organisation.
All you were doing, in effect, was become a very small cog in a much bigger structure in which the many work hard to create the sales whilst the few at the top reap the profits.
Welcome to planet earth, folks. That’s how virtually everything works here.
It’s interesting to reflect that the traditional pyramid business structure of executives, middle management and staff, or slaves, depending on your point of reference, was copied from the structures of the church, military and government.
When I was involved in a Christian church, I discovered it was little more than a school.
Teachers can only impart the knowledge they have – with the exception of the exceptional who think more widely – and everything is based on a narrow curriculum and ticking boxes.
In most churches, Vicars, Pastors, Elders, or however you refer to your leaders, preach to the level they have obtained. Anyone who thinks outside of their box is often regarded as a dangerous maverick.
In many ways, the pyramid system makes perfect sense. Those who have more responsibility and often put more of their time into the enterprise are at the top. The people on the bottom of the ladder don’t need to know everything that is happening above them.
This structure however depends a great deal on the faith you have in your bosses.
Do they have your very best interests at heart or is their priority money and power? I think we are all beginning to see that the latter is all too often the case.
But, again, I’m reasonably happy to let all of this go if there’s clear knowledge of who the people at the top are and what they are about.
It should surprise nobody that the world as a whole is run as a pyramid structure.
But what would shock the masses to their very foundations is who is at the top and their agenda.
The picture that is presented to us is that governments control the world.
That’s a frightening enough thought in these perilous days.
The idea that Donald Trump is now the most powerful person on the planet since his election as US President is enough to give the most laid back of folk sleepless nights.
But that is not true.
Leaders such as Trump, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel all wield considerable power.
But they are accountable to people higher than themselves in the world pyramid.
Think about it this way. Most world leaders are elected. They are here today and gone tomorrow. Is that the way massive organisations are run? They are run and owned by people who don’t vacate their office every four or five years.
At the top of the pyramid are the richest people on the planet, those who have earned the trust of the fellow ‘elite’.
I’m referring here to families such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and the Royal bloodlines throughout the world, including naturally the Royal Family here in the United Kingdom.
Power in our current world structure is mostly based on money.
And even the most blinkered of people have come to realise by now that 99 per cent of it is bottle necked at the top in the hands of a very small group of people.
There’s a very astute saying on the lines of ‘if you want to know the truth, follow the money….’
You might see country fighting against country and presume some folk are enemies and others are allies.
But behind the scenes, beyond public view and scrutiny, there’s a different game going on altogether.
I’ll give you just one example.
The world, that’s you and me, are told there’s no significant life in Antarctica.
In reality, major world powers including Russia and America as well as Britain, France and Germany have military bases there – and have done so for decades.
There they exist together on the same playing field.
So what exactly is going on?
It’s a clue that power ultimately does not lie with countries either. It lies with a deliberately small number of individuals whose influence has no borders.
This secret structure extends to the heads of world banks and other major financial organisations, cutting edge corporations and secret services.
You’ll have noticed in Britain that our elected government bows and scrapes to corporations when they fear they may take their wealth elsewhere.
You’ll remember that when the financial sector imploded, our government felt duty bound to bail out the banks.
That’s because they are higher up the ladder. Governments owe them money and money is power.
We also are told that the Royal Family is no more than a figurative head of state.
Yet almost all of our politicians swear an oath of allegiance to The Queen not the other way around.
Our secret services, portrayed as the people who protect us but more akin to a terrorist organisation, actually serve The Crown not the country.
And it’s the same, of course, with our armed forces. They serve The Crown not Britain.
Meanwhile the apparently benign Royals use their influence that extends beyond all national borders to set up lucrative arms deals with some of the deadliest people on the planet.
Significantly, however, there are signs of the pyramid structure breaking down in recent times.
The masses, or ‘useless eaters’ as we are commonly referred to by the elite, have been revolting.
The EU referendum result last year was totally against the wishes of the elite who see the European Union as an important step towards One World Government.
Plan A in America without doubt was to see Hillary Clinton elected as President, therefore continuing a dynasty that renders Democrats and Republicans largely irrelevant.
My best estimate is that the elite power base at the top of the world pyramid is no more than between 8,000 and 8,500 people – therein lies a potential problem.
The vast number of us whose daily role is in effect to make more money for the elite only need to ‘wake up’ in relatively small numbers and it’s game over.
One day we will reject the ultimate pyramid organisation and regain our freedom.

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