Whilst the nation focuses on his combover, Trump IS draining the swamp……

DONALD TRUMP has been the recipient of an almost unprecedented torrent of abuse since becoming President of the United States.

The media was comparatively generous to past holders of this most important of offices, including George Bush senior and junior and Barrack Obama, despite their prolific records of taking America to war.

They even continue to reflect a certain fondness towards Bill Clinton when his record of personal misconduct towards women was astonishing.

But all things Trump have been castigated and lampooned from well before he walked into the White House, whether it was the travel ban on eight countries, his attitude to Muslims or his views on climate change.

It’s of little consequence, it seems, that his predecessors included all those countries on their agenda for regime change or legitimised the slaughter of Muslims in the Middle East through the 9/11 hoax.

But the release of the book Fire and Fury attacking the maverick President for such trivia as his infamous combover and his addiction to diet coke may just begin to prompt the more aware to wonder who is behind this all-out character assassination?

Now it might surprise you to know that Trump signed an executive order just prior to Christmas preparing the way for the prosecution of high profile paedophiles – and has since ordered the house arrest of a number of congressmen.

The reason is that such information does not fit with the establishment agenda to destabilise Trump at all costs from the moment he threatened publicly to ‘drain the swamp’.

The name that everyone is looking out for in this purge of quite conceivably the worst crime known to humanity is none other than John Podesta, Hilary Clinton’s right-hand man in her failed election campaign.

The establishment-backed British media doesn’t relish the idea of paedophilia again becoming a hot topic on both sides of the Atlantic in 2018.

Still worse that the man they most want to see the back of is leading the way.

For all his faults  – and they are legion – Trump is no paedophile and hates the way members of the elite have covered for each other over the decades.

Now that certainly makes him a unique President!


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