How the meek will inherit the earth…..

JESUS CHRIST is reported to have said some amazing things – often sweeping, unconditional statements that turn the accepted values of our times upside down.

I feel moved today to concentrate on just one.

Matthew 5v5 reads: ‘Blessed are the meek – for the meek shall inherit the earth’.

This isn’t a statement I hear too often on the streets. In contrast, it is very often highlighted in the churches, but seemingly with very little effect.

For, unless we have a context into which to consider this life-changing comment, it will continue go way over our heads – particularly intellectual heads, I will add.

What Jesus was not saying here is that financially poor folk will suddenly take over the most powerful positions on the planet.

Not at all.

The word ‘meek’ refers to a poverty of spirit, or humility, rather than what we have or don’t have in the bank.

It is worth adding, however, that Jesus did say ‘it is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God’.

So it is fair to conclude that the ‘meek’ are usually those who are oppressed and under-valued in parts of the world, including the West, where society values the material above the spiritual.

Jesus did not hedge his bets in any way.

He didn’t say ‘the meek could inherit the earth’, he stated unambiguously that this will happen.

So what was he talking about?

Firstly, you are not going to see Mrs Smith, from Coleorton, become Prime Minister, or Mr Jones, from Leeds, take the place of the Rothschilds as head of the financial world.

We are not talking here about a change in physical circumstances within an existing system – Jesus, I believe, was foretelling something far more dramatic.

For, as human consciousness evolves as it is at an ever-increasing rate, political power and the banking system – even money itself – will become things of the past.

There will be no need or place for them.

Currently we live in a system where the vast majority of the population – around 99 per cent – work and are led by what many term the ‘elite’, the one per cent.

That is the way we have been conditioned. We have surrendered our power – our sovereignty, if you like – to those we mistakenly look up to.

But, as folk awaken to what really happens in this world, there will be no need for ‘rulers’ or ‘governments’.

People taking back their own sovereignty will have a power that renders the authorities of today redundant.

And one of the first things to go when ordinary, ‘meek’, folk realise who they really are will be the currency designed to keep us in ‘slavery’ – money.

Put simply, money is purely a human creation – our notes and digital credits are only ‘worth’ something because at this stage in our evolution we believe that to be so.

When we see the truth that money is created in this country literally out of thin air, we will discard it for what it is – useless rubbish!

It is perfectly possible for the mega rich to wake up to the reality of what I am writing about and what Jesus meant when he gave his Sermon on the Mount.

This is a universe of free will and nobody – not even Adolf Hitler – is exempt from the chance to turn from their ways.

But Jesus’ telling analogy was merely acknowledging the fact that they are the people with most to lose if they acknowledge the truth.

In contrast, the many people who have asked for nothing – and received it in abundance in this life – will, in comparison, seize the new system with both hands.

The meek shall inherit the earth – and that is a fantastic victory for humanity!


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