Is this Paul McCartney or William Shears Campbell?

STEPHEN DICKENSON is a seemingly very ordinary middle-aged Liverpudlian man, who makes a mind-blowing claim.

He says he is the son of former Beatle Paul McCartney yet there’s no chance of him knocking at the door of ‘Sir Paul’ any time soon.

For Stephen is convinced that the real Paul McCartney died in a suspicious car crash 1966 and the idol we worship today is William Shears or William Shears Campbell.

Some of you may already be aware of the ‘conspiracy theory’ that McCartney was replaced in the band all those years ago.

I was completely unaware of this claim until last year and immediately consigned it until the back burner.

But when I viewed this video totally by accident yesterday I now have a much more open mind on the matter.

For some time I have known that all was not as it seems with Britain’s most famous quartet.

The Illuminati extends far beyond the corrupt world of banking and politics. Entertainment is a very important part of its programme because this is where we put much of our attention.

Hollywood is the hot topic of the day but the music industry has long since been infiltrated.

I believe The Beatles and The Rolling Stones – to name just two – were groomed for stardom by international mind controllers The Tavistock Institute, which is based in London.

This explains why the ‘death’ of McCartney would have been an issue of state rather than purely a subject of grief for the band and their millions of followers.

Here is a summary of Stephen’s story……

He claims that when he was seven years old his mother Irene suddenly told him that her husband was not his biological father. Instead it was ‘James Paul McCartney’.

Understandably Stephen was stunned and disbelieving as he was well aware of the Beatles – but he soon realised she was deadly serious.

Their relationship, he adds, occurred as his mum worked in a typing pool in a building opposite Beatles manager Brian Epstein’s office in Liverpool.

Paul began visiting Irene at lunchtime and they developed from friends into lovers.

They may even have been secretly married, according to Stephen.  He certainly believes that Paul was married.

The next very significant incident again occurred in Liverpool in 1975 when Stephen and Irene were, he claims, visited by the Beatles including the fake Paul and his mother.

He says that he had been speaking about being McCartney’s son and that he believed his father was dead to his young friends.

He adds that an animate conversation took place in which John Lennon was the chief talker.

Stephen says he asked Lennon how they expected to get away with replacing the original Paul?  Lennon replied that ‘we already have’ – which considering that more than eight years had already passed – wasn’t unreasonable.

He also said that the band were ‘letting it be’ and that was the best way to deal with it.

Irene was challenged for allegedly revealing the secret of Paul’s death to her son which she denied. She said Stephen worked out the truth for himself and she had merely confirmed it.

Stephen voiced the claim that even the car crash was planned and that his father was murdered. He claims that George Harrison replied that they ‘had their own suspicions’.

Paul II didn’t take much part but his mother was very angry at what was said and physically attacked Stephen, he adds.

Stephen then says he kept quiet about his paternity and his views on what happened to his father for many years.

Interestingly, Irene died only a few months afterwards. She was just 42 years of age and the cause of death was recorded as cancer.

He appears on the video to be a very normal man, aged around 50, who has very little to gain through making his claims public – indeed it’s not difficult to surmise he could have a life to lose.

He is aware that most people will dismiss his claims as nonsense for it blows away in one sweep their perception of the super group.

At least three other folk have also claimed to be Paul’s son or daughter.

He would like DNA tests to be carried out, if possible, to see whether he is related to any of them.

This wouldn’t prove his link to the Beatle but would still be an astounding co-incidence.

Physical evidence is also offered in the video suggesting there are clear differences between the two Pauls – the most remarkable being the claim ‘Sir Paul’ is at least three inches taller!

Although she is not referred to in the video, it strikes me that, if this is true, the actress Jane Asher must know all about it.

She was reportedly engaged to the Beatle but then split up from him in 1968 – after the alleged substitution.

I’m also intrigued by the timing of the death of Epstein, allegedly through suicide, in 1967 – just a few months after the hoax.

Also there is much evidence about the tortured soul that was John Lennon and that he may have been about to blow the lid on influences on the group before he was conveniently murdered in New York in 1980.

The idea of a loan wolf killer suddenly losing his marbles and taking out Lennon rings the loudest of alarm bells to anyone half awake………

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