Russian spy poisoning – a series of pre-planned events but the truth remains unknown……

I can almost hear the cackle of laughter and, yes, sheer excitement of the British ‘establishment’ when the Russian spy poisoning case came to public attention.

‘We’ve got ‘em now, boys and girls. Start an inquiry, blame the Russians as the public outcry grows, they won’t be able to answer, our allies will support us – then it’s quids in, an economic blockade, support for defence spending, Theresa May becomes the iron lady and Corbyn is locked in Red corner on his own….

‘You mucked up Brexit, missed an open goal in the General Election, but you can’t f— this one up!’

So the button was pressed and a series of inevitable, pre-planned events, were rolled out leading us where we are today.

There has been the odd own goal along the way. Trust blundering Boris, our so-called Foreign Secretary, for letting the cat out from the very beginning, as he called for ‘robust’ measures against Russia even before the investigation had started.

Then young Gavin Williamson, who somehow has crawled as high as Defence Secretary, telling Russia to ‘go away and shut up’, language likely to alert some of the sleeping masses that there is something not quite right in the state of Britain.

The public ‘trial’ was held in the House of Commons on Wednesday. I was unfortunate enough to see some of it.

Executioner-in-chief May passed judgement, members of the jury on both sides of the chamber whooped their congratulations and the public gallery, consisting of the media and the general populace, were entranced.

But this was no normal trial. For there was no defendant. No member of the Russian State in sight to utter a word of denial. But, let’s face it, you don’t need a defendant when there is no evidence!

Let’s consider what we do know. A Russian double agent and his daughter were brutally poisoned. A policeman was also poisoned. All three are, we presume, still alive – although no photographs have been shown to confirm this.

The cause of the crime was a nerve agent. Its exact identity is unknown although a name has been put out there.

And that, folks, is about it.

From day one the Russians have said the investigation needs to take its course. They have offered their support. They have sought to take the issue to an international organisation so the samples can be looked into independently. All these suggestions have been summarily refused by our government.

I don’t know who poisoned the double agent. But what I do know is that in the murky world of the intelligence services two and two never equals four.

Even in the semi-fantasy world of James Bond, the culprit doesn’t leave a calling card.

Instead the unravelling can reveal different intelligence communities working together – perhaps even rogue elements within an individual organisation – ensuring it is never easy to point the finger at the perpetrators.

Theresa May and the ‘establishment’ have pre-judged this issue because that best serves our agenda.

This is our chance to push through more defence spending – including £36m bonus for defence against chemical weapons – and seek an international economic blockade against Russia who are holding up our interests in the Middle East.

It’s the next best thing to blowing them out of the water which will never happen because they are militarily in a higher league.

How convenient that this has all happened as Putin prepares for an election in Russia and the country is all set to host a World Cup which, like the Winter Olympics in Korea, could well be a PR coup for his regime and shift opinions worldwide.

I started this article with a reference to the witches of Macbeth, I did that entirely deliberately.

The success of the elite in this country is based on their own secret knowledge much of which comes from witchcraft and Freemasonry,

They spin a story that satisfies The Sun readers when their real agenda is far different.

But they will not be successful ultimately.

For the sheer crassness of much that has happened and been said in recent days is having the opposite affect to what is intended.

It is waking people up to the idea that, whatever the merits or otherwise of Russia and Putin, we have an aggressive, callous force running this country.

Can they f— this up?

The answer is – they already have. When truth begins to emerge from this dark drama, May and co will be seen in a far different light from the reception she enjoyed in the ‘kangaroo court’ of the Commons.

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