MANY will be familiar with the fact that Omicron, the reported new Covid variant, is also an anagram for MORONIC.

But did you know what you get when you add in Delta, the reported previous threat to public health?

Delta plus Omicron equals MEDIA CONTROL!

So what do ‘coincidences’ like these mean?Not very much to the general public or the media. They go right over their heads. But, for those of us who are aware, or at least partly aware, of how this world is run, they fit a well established pattern.

The Illuminati, or mega elite, or whatever you wish to call them, have to conform to certain rules. These include having the consent – active or passive – of the masses. So they drop clues of what they are up to. This is termed acting ‘in plain sight’.

Going back to the beginning of the plandemic, we had the word ‘Covid’. This stands for Certificate of Vaccination ID, which is why many of us knew vaccine passports were inevitable from day one.

There was also another classic when the so-called ‘vaccine’ was first rolled out. The first man in the country to receive it was reportedly William Shakespeare, who even lived in the famous bard’s territory.

This would inevitably have been what we call a ‘crisis actor’ – in other words, a plant acting as a talking head to add PR to the ‘let’s get everyone vaccinated even though it doesn’t stop you from either getting Covid or transmitting it’ campaign.

Most of the public took this in their stride. Again it went straight over their heads. But to the minority it was a warning – that everything about to follow was pre-staged or planned.

Today the script includes a variant that is, according to most experts, a much weaker strain of Covid. The anagram ‘moronic’ speaks for itself. Add this to ‘delta’ and the story of the last year has indeed been one of ‘media control’, a narrative run from a script by the mainstream.

I believe omicron will claim a lot of lives – at least officially as yet more deaths will be re-branded as in the initial waves of Covid.

We need to ask why this is possible? The answer, I believe, is because so many have been weakened/made ill and more vulnerable through Covid protocols and, in particular, the near constant jabs.

You can believe the ‘moronic’ story if you wish. Take ‘media control’ as gospel, even believe in Mr Shakespeare, now deceased – that’s your choice. But some people are laughing at you. They are taking the piss. They have said for years the masses are ignorant ‘useless eaters’ – and they think they are being proven right.

It took very little – comparatively – to almost hypnotise the majority of the world.. Until you start thinking – and putting two and two together – your life will get worse and worse.As for those of us who already have, we are in for a very difficult time.

They will attempt to take everything from us – starting with our freedom.But we will triumph because good ALWAYS overcomes evil – and death is not the end, merely a transition, the same as birth.

God bless everyone. We need to turn back to our creator and discover the magic inside of us before it’s too late.

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