ONCE upon a time – a very dark time – Nazis sought to take over the world.

Today in 2022, they’re still doing so, but in a different guise.

Yes, sadly, there’s still a place for warfare as we all know. But the weapons now being used are less obvious but even more dangerous.. These ‘quiet weapons’ of data and information in the hands of the most powerful people in the world are effectively causing us – or 90 per cent of us – to lay down our guard and let them reshape our world whilst we look the other way.

First thing to get straight. Nazism isn’t about salutes ,uniforms and a political party. Nazism or Fascism is the pursuit of world domination. The usurping of total power without democratic consent.

Remember here too that old-style Nazis didn’t confine their would be takeover to the battlefield either. They were known – and admired – for their science, genetics and advances in the field of technology. Is this ringing any alarm bells yet?

Whilst Hitler and co may have been easier to recognise and therefore oppose because of their overtly aggressive nature and appalling military actions – albeit it took the western world, including Britain, several years to do so – modern day ‘Nazis’, or those with a Nazi agenda, speak in soft tones, are deeply intelligent and generally occupy very high and widely respected positions in the world.

Their version of future world control can be summed up in three words: The Great Reset.

Sorry to disappoint you, this is not a conspiracy theory, it’s conspiracy fact, has been happening for years and is still in progress.

Much information has been made public in recent years and is the constant theme of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. The Great Reset is such a cloudy unlikely conspiracy it even has its own website.

I’m going to be generous here. I honestly think these people believe they are doing the right thing. They are so immersed in the dogma of human caused climate change and alleged overpopulation they believe a dystopian digital future is the best option. It certainly is for them!

You frequently hear politicians use the phrase ‘build back better’ following the so-called pandemic. But where is all this leading?

The complete end game has not yet been revealed because The Great Reset is still a work in progress.

But what we do know so far is that sovereign countries will be effectively replaced by large economic power blocks – the very reason many of us voted to leave the European Union – giving way to one world government.

The AI side of this has been happening in front of our eyes for decdes.. In a few short years, however, this is planned to cause all of us to be constantly tracked and traced.

To do this, they decided to alter the genetics of human beings to make us more traceable and therefore under their control.

This could not have been done ‘voluntarily’ in a million years. But it has happened through nano technology and the ‘gene therapy’ in the so-called Covid vaccines.

Many will argue they’ve nothing to fear from being fully accountable at all times – that’s unless you have a point of view that runs contrary to the one world government!

In the planned world to come, posts like this will be no more as I would lose my universal basic income and possibly be prosecuted – take a look at the current Online Safety Bill going through our Parliament – for he hideous crime of saying ‘no, we’re not having this’.

The future the WEF want is technology based with genetically modified humans largely living in small pods – such as the souless flats we see in cities – and owning nothing, not even property or a car.

This world is an extension – a permanent extension – of the horrors of lockdown where the vast majority lost out and the billionaires at the top of the tree made more and more money.

Our only hope is to shout and shout very loud. The more opposition, the harder it is for them to bring this vision into reality.

The problem is many can’t see that this is wrong.

As in the days of Hitler when the majority view was that he should be appeased not attacked, today’s Nazis have widespread support, particularly among the politically correct and eco warriors.

The lie is a very subtle one – and those who are entranced by it are very many including most religious believers.

This is despite The Bible telling us emphatically the future is about freedom and harmony rather than totalitarian control.

Humanity will win this battle, the only question is how many casualties there will be along the way……..

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