I recall now when the thought first occurred to me that some scientists were ‘playing God’ and it could end in disaster.

That, as stated in the video attached to this article, is the story of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and that is the story of so-called gain of function research happening for REAL in our world TODAY in 2022.

Let’s remember that the most popular theory – and, yes, it is a theory – of how the coronavirus outbreak was caused from a leak in a laboratory in Wuhan, China, during ‘gain of function’ research.

Gain of function, as I understand it, involves creating new viruses with a view to then developing new antidotes – inevitably vaccines – to combat them.

This could be seen as a noble mission, if vaccines could be produced that were truly ‘safe’ and ‘effective’. (ps they can’t and never have been!).

But, with the world speculating on whether this was the cause of the biggest health crisis in modern times, it can also be regarded as reckless to the point of evil.

Also, as I understand it, gain of function research is illegal in the United States and has been so since the Obama administration.

So what have they done? Contract it out abroad – in this case to China – where it isn’t illegal.

Now we get clear evidence – in the form of a scientific paper – that such research is continuing in the United States – at Boston University.

They get away with it by denying the obvious that it is ‘gain of function’. This is how the widely discredited long-term head of the NIH Dr Anthony Fauci operated for years. It’ how we has stayed out of jail!

The incredulity in Dr John Campbell’s voice here is priceless.

Here is a man who has studied and practicised science all his working life and he can barely believe such things still go on in the name of science.

Basically, they have taken elements of two viruses – which may well have been man-made- and made another virus that has killed 80 per cent of mice in the experiments (the Omicron ‘variant’ didn’t kill any).

I believe this concoction will never be leaked. As Dr Campbell says, security in America is much greater than in China. But should we, as a human and very vulnerable population, be taking that chance?

This is Frankenstein, folks, and it needs to be stopped.

As I wrote two years ago, the very people coming across as those seeking to solve the problem are the same who probably caused it in the first place.

Science has gone too far…..


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