Why is time going so quickly? Here’s an alternative view…….

TIME is racing by these days…..I mean not just going by quicker, but positively racing.

On Thursday, I spent 15 hours-plus working as a poll clerk for the General Election. Usually, there are points during such a day when time seems to be standing still. Not last week; no sooner had we set the room up it was time to leave. Or so it seemed.

Different theories abound. Some way time goes quicker as we get older. Sounds plausible – but speak to young folk and they’ll say it’s flying too.

Perhaps it’s because we’re all so, so busy – no time to have a break, no time to think, the end of the day comes to quickly because there aren’t nearly enough hours in the day.

But that theory goes up in smoke in my life. I have plenty of ‘free days’ when I’m not facing deadlines or a multitude of demands. And even those days when there seemingly is nothing at all to do…..you’ve guessed it!

In less than two weeks it will be halfway to Christmas. Halfway to Christmas? It only seems ten minutes since I was watching people almost sprinting from shop to shop, thinking ‘why on earth do they do this?’

Let’s get one thing straight before we start. Time isn’t shorter – it must be an illusion, doesn’t it? Time is a measurement from one moment to another. A human construct that doesn’t suddenly change.

But I’ve got an alternative explanation for the ‘feeling’ that we’re being short, or fast, changed.

I can’t prove it, of course, but then none of the other reasons given her can possibly be proven either.

I believe we are experiencing a slightly different world these days. What we are taking into our souls and rearranging to form our impression of what is going on ‘out there’ is not the same as many of us have become used to.

In short, I think we are taking on board a higher, perhaps quicker, ‘frequency’.

Instead of living and breathing staid and predictable Radio 2, we’re imbibing the more radical Radio 1. Now you really get an impression how old I am.

There are folk who give a name to all this – they say we are moving from the age of Pisces to the cusp of the dawning of the age of Aquarius. I remember that song too.

Exactly how other planets influence our life here on earth is way beyond me. But I give credence to the idea nevertheless.

It certainly fits in with some other feelings many of us are living through now but can’t quite give a reason for.

Pisces was (and is) an age of order, belief systems bringing certainty to many but also creating conflicts and wars, money, power and, interestingly enough, illusion. Pisces is very much a time when reality and that which appears to be real fight for room in our minds.

Aquarius promises so much more. Instead of ‘order’, we become more free-thinking. Religious commitment breaks down in favour of intuition and the pursuit of knowledge from within. And with that knowledge much of that illusion fades as we see people and situations for what they really are. Also, tellingly, it is apparently the age of technology, again breaking down old limitations and creating new, almost endless, possibilities.

This is no linear concept. The year of 2017 began on January 1 the moment the old one ended. But that’s not the case with Pisces and Aquarius. They co-exist whilst one gradually fades from history and the other takes its place.

Many folk remain rooted in Pisces. The more they see things changing around them, the more they dig in.  They regard this as loyalty to the values they hold dear. Once a Christian always a Christian and so on. I’m not criticising anyone here. That kind of thinking is very human.

Others, on the other hand, have moved on. Sometimes not so much moved, as shoved. Change often comes when circumstances in our lives narrow to such a point that we seemingly have little choice. Despite our misgivings, we ‘go with the flow’ and discover that what we have ‘lost’ wasn’t so vital after all.

My spirit longs for the fruits of Aquarius.

I yearn for good people to know, as I do, that some of our beliefs that cloud and spread fear in our lives are plain wrong.

Death, for example, is no more than a state of being. One moment our spirits are apparently trapped within space suits we refer to as bodies – the next we have cast off the limitations of this world and are still every bit as much alive as we were before.

‘Life after death’ is a misleading phrase – it’s merely a continuation of life in a different form.

I yearn, too, for a completely different view of money and material things in general – and a cessation of war.

Our minds rooted in Pisces immediately argue this is impossible. But it isn’t.

Both are merely a mind shift away from becoming reality.

First, they become reality in our own individual lives, then they spread to others.

Aquarius doesn’t blow a whistle and change the rules for everyone in one sweep.

It transforms me and you as we allow it into our beings. Even if the rest of the world thinks we are going barmy. Infact if they don’t think so, we’re missing it.


I look at what is happening both in the UK and the rest of the planet with a dual perspective.

Yes, in one way, it is getting worse and worse, the times in which we are living are even more dangerous than we ever imagine. But there’s another side too. More and more folk are beginning to see the world in a different way. It’s almost like watching a horror movie but knowing there’s always a happy ending. The joy I feel inside at being ‘alive’ today can’t be quenched whatever the circumstances. I’m free from many of the cares of this world. My destiny is secure – and yours is too, you just may not know it yet.

Perhaps, after all, Aquarius is stuff and nonsense.

But I’m going through a daily mind shift and enjoying every minute – even if they’re going quicker than I’d like!

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