THREE terror attacks in a few weeks, followed by what history may well confirm to be one of our worst-ever disasters….

The ‘sins’ of the establishment are coming to roost in a way few seemed possible – with ordinary, innocent people, as always, paying the price for the disgusting decisions of the elite few.

It’s as well for the elected and non-elected who pull the strings in this appallingly unequal society that the public generally are still unable to connect the dots of these incidents together and see the real picture.

It suits the elite – politicians, Royalty, bankers, corporate giants et al – that most of us buy the national line that Britain is the innocent victims of a series of attacks launched in the name of a crazy ideology.

They don’t want us to put ourselves in the place of ordinary people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen whose lives have been destroyed by our violence – the terror unleased by successive British governments, on behalf of the establishment, in the name of democracy, freedom and ‘our values’.

But we do so in a moral bid to remove dictators such as Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gaddafi and President Assad – what can be wrong with that?

No, we don’t! If you believe that, you have bought the lie. There exist in neighbouring countries to the ones we have invaded, as well as elsewhere in the world, dictators and authoritarian regimes that remain untouched by our regime cleansing.

The obvious truth is that no country on this planet invades another to save it from a dictator, however appalling they are.

We do so for money – wars remain astonishingly profitable when you consider the obscene sales of arms and the contracts awarded to our companies to rebuild the areas we helped to destroy in the first place.

The two World Wars so far – there’s almost inevitably a third to come –  were both great financial successes. Did you realise that even the good old Bank of England leant money to BOTH sides during World War Two?

Removing leaders who are threatening the finances of the UK and the United Kingdom brings further rewards – at least, in theory.

Gadhafi, for example, was finally murdered after he threatened to change the Libyan currency into gold. Not too much room for manoeuvre there for the American dollar. The vacuum we have created in lieu of a friendly regime that was Plan A has left the world a far more insecure place.

War is also good for the elite for another horrific reason – it reduces world population, another of their express aims.

The majority of ordinary people in this country want peace not war. But they are the ones who put their lives on the line for the sake of governments who are cynically lying to them.

You no longer fight for your country – in truth, you never have. You fight for the political ideology of an elect few – an ideology no more palatable than the one responsible for the attacks in London and Manchester in recent weeks.

In contrast, the finger of blame is being pointed much more widely at the authorities as the death toll rises from this week’s horrific fire.

Laid bare for all to see is the lack of concern our rulers have for the welfare of people forced in the 21st century in one of the richest countries in the world to live in skyscrapers.

Whilst the elect’s wealth becomes greater and greater, the Government’s policy of austerity lies behind the fact that they have failed to spend the cash needed to make these tragic residents safer.

No longer should they be able to get away with trite excuses. Never has it been clearer that this country needs a radical change of direction.

The Queen sends her sympathy, the Government continues to increase its ‘defence’ spending to continue our foreign policy reign of terror that is now putting civilians in this country in danger.

The establishment, as ever, is not listening. It will steel itself to ride the storm and carry on as usual.

But, as more people wake up to what is happening in our name, my suspicion is that their time is short.


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