Only the clueless are still laughing at David Icke…..

BACK in 1991 I watched intently one of the best remembered editions of the Wogan Show.
One of his guests was former sports presenter turned guru David Icke who was famously laughed at for his misreported claims over his own divinity and predictions of forthcoming world disasters.
I didn’t laugh but I sat there contentedly enough. For Icke’s philosophy was a direct challenge to my own then Christian view of the world, so if he was shown to be crazy that was fine by me.
Over the subsequent years of my spiritual journey Icke refused to go away however.
By 1998 I had to all intents and purposes rejected mainstream Christianity, albeit retaining the greatest respect for Jesus himself and those who try to follow him.
A new woman in my life told me she lived on the same road in Leicester as the Icke family home and thrust a copy of one of his books into my hand.
But still I wasn’t interested. I read up to the point he mentioned Reptilians, then put the book aside. Like the Wogan audience all those years previously, I found a hook I felt made Icke’s teachings a nonsense and ensured I didn’t have to probe any further.
Fast forward another decade or so and I was interested enough to want to know what Icke was doing now.
So, I tuned into You Tube and started listening.
Had the first subject been those blessed Reptillians, I might never have got any further.
But this time I was transfixed. So much of what Icke says about the nature of reality made perfect sense to me.
It was interesting how my rollercoaster experience of the world – both in religion and ordinary life – seemed to have prepared me for what I was hearing.
I’d come to a fork in my particular journey, one which conveniently provided me with time and space to listen and research to my heart’s content.
I’ve exhausted a lot of Icke’s material, but also a great deal more. I made the mistake previously of limiting myself by being part of a church and wasn’t going to fall into the same trap again.
It’s simply impossible to do justice to Icke’s work here.
I’d need to write a book rather than a mere blog to even scratch the surface.
But what I can tell you is that he is a hugely intelligent guy with an amazing capacity for information.
He is dedicated to his own version of truth and refuses to soften his message to make it more acceptable to those – still the clear majority – who think the world as it is presented to us every day by the education system, the media, and influential people is fine as it is.
It’s not just me who has changed in those 26 years either.
Icke was accustomed to speaking to audiences he could fit into a telephone booth; today he addresses very large audiences in many different countries.
None of this proves he is actually right. Each and every person should come to their own conclusions in this world. That’s the meaning of free will.
But, as far as I am concerned, Icke has progressed a long way since that life-changing interview.
He has a very large body of information to back up his views.
You can either accept or reject them. But laughing remains the reflex action of those who prefer to remain clueless……

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