Mixed-up Rooney out of order, but at least he’s human!

WAYNE ROONEY isn’t a pretty face and lacks the likeability factor – he’s also mega rich and been captain of an England football team that has consistently failed to live up to expectations.
That’s a very potent cocktail when it comes to our pathetic media and sheep-like members of the public who love nothing more than knocking someone off their lofty perch.
I’m not defending Rooney for getting into a car after drinking too much alcohol, nor what he might have got up to with his female companion.
But I totally understand how and why he got himself into that situation and am not hypercritical enough to judge him.
I’ve got many reasons why I should join in this public assassination. I argue vehemently that footballers are overpaid and am totally gutted at how poorly England have fared in my lifetime of supporting them. I’ve never been a Manchester United fan either.
But what I’ve always seen in Rooney is a young man who does genuinely give a damn.
He’s been known to vent his spleen at England fans for just that reason.
The lad would have given anything to win a trophy at international level – the fact was that both he and his colleagues have never been good enough.
I can forgive anyone for that.
Recognising Rooney’s spirit, he was almost certainly still in a daze from announcing his international retirement.
Even as a fan, I feel a bit lost during the first couple of weekends when a season has just ended.
Footballers – and other sportsmen and women for that matter – genuinely struggle when they come to the end of their careers.
How are they ever going to replace that buzz? The answer is they probably never will.
Rooney has the consolation of still playing for his boyhood club Everton but he would have had decidedly mixed feelings having a few days off rather than preparing for a couple of important World Cup matches.
I actually admire Rooney all the more for the fact he has the odd drink and mixes with the masses.
It shows me he’s human and not the run-of-the-mill robotic athlete we seem to produce these days – you know, the young man or woman who always eats and drinks the right things, trains all day every day and ends up doing absolutely nothing but their sport.
I laughed when I heard he came out of his hotel room whilst on England duty and joined in a wedding party after England had beaten Scotland last year. Why not? The next game was a few days away and he wanted to let his hair down.
We’ve got to remember that even so-called superstars are only flesh and blood.
On this occasion, Rooney no doubt sought to escape from the emotion over his international retirement and the tension at home.
I can’t imagine his wife Coleen, who for some reason thinks she’s the superstar in the family, is the easiest person in the world to live with.
He had a few drinks – probably a few more than he intended – and ended up chatting with a beautiful young girl.
So what? The last thing he needed was a night out with the lads talking football.
The best thing he could have done at the end of a great night would have been to pack the woman into one taxi and go home himself in another.
But brain cells don’t work that clearly when you’re drunk – particularly male brain cells.
It was nothing to do with how much he loves his wife. That wouldn’t have come into it.
Perhaps he would have hired a taxi but for the fact the driver may have dined out on seeing a celebrity with a woman other than his wife and told the media.
Rooney will and should pay the penalty for his indiscretion with a lengthy driving ban.
Other than that, I hope common sense prevails.

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