Coming next – revelations about the global financial system

OVER the next few days I’m going to introduce you to the revelations and mindset of a gentleman I consider very special.
Ronald Bernard is a Dutch banker who once worked at a very high level – high enough to have an overview of the workings of the global financial system.
He has released these claims in a series of interviews broadcast on You Tube.
Part one alone has been viewed by more than 18 million people throughout the world.
We are operating here in the area of misinformation – I’m very aware of that.
But I give credence to Mr Bernard’s story for several reasons.
Firstly, everything he claims checks out with the claims of other whistle-blowers – leaving just the possibility that he is an actor still working for the ‘elite’ trying to mislead us.
If this is the case, he is a fabulous actor because his body language and demeanour strongly match what he is saying.
Also, he wouldn’t be going to the trouble of setting up a not-for-profit organisation to combat the very practices he exposes.
In short, here is Ronald’s back story.
He comes from a very unhappy family background. Without saying the words explicitly, he was almost certainly sexually abused by a family member.
This is relevant as people chosen by the ‘elite’ are often compromised and traumatised. This goes with the territory, so they can be blackmailed if they go seek to go off track.
From an early age, he was a very successful entrepreneur, working in ladies’ fashion, car dealerships and import and export.
The latter was his introduction into the world of finance, dealing different currencies.
One day he was approached by a broker who claimed he had been following his business life and asked what his end game was.
Ronald answered, very honestly, that he wanted to make as much money as quickly as possible so he could retire.
The broker then made Ronald an offer: stop working with companies and go into the financial world full time.
The promise was he would make all the money he could ever wish for, but it would be at a very real cost.
Ronald was warned that to operate at this level he would have to be prepared to leave his conscience in the freezer.
This was a genuine warning that a young and hugely ambitious man duly brushed to one side.
How bad could it really be compared with making his personal fortune?
The rest, as they say, is history but tells a tale of how things operate in the higher echelons on society, above and beyond government.
It’s enough to make your hair curl – if you’re lucky enough to have any.
But it will tell you more about the ‘real world’ than you’ll learn watching BBC News for the next 50 years.
Part one coming up tomorrow…..

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