Banks high above governments in world pecking order, claims whistle-blower

THE WORLD is run by a core group of around 8,000 to 8,500 people who give orders to an unaccountable financial system hosted in Switzerland, according to whistle-blower Ronald Bernard.
The former Dutch entrepreneur claims he worked among the elite in the financial world for five years after being recruited by a financial trader who promised him a personal fortune.
Mr Bernard said his highly trusted role give him an overview of how things are really run on this planet.
The pyramid he uncovered places governments significantly below powers behind the global financial system in the pecking order.
The top financial organisations, including the City of London, are ‘free states’, meaning they have total immunity from prosecution and are not subject to international laws, he said.
At the very top of the financial level of the pyramid is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which has its roots in the Netherlands but is based in Basel.
In its headquarters agreement, it states that BIS has complete inviolability and total immunity.
It is independent from Switzerland itself, has its own police force and has been recognised as the head of the financial world since 1931, Mr Bernard added.
Its role is to maintain the level of financial currency throughout the world with its value being deliberately extorted when it reaches the bottom of the pyramid – you and I and the rest of the 99 per cent of folk in the world.
All central banks are part of the ‘BIS Club’, Mr Bernard maintains, with the next level being the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank which are commonly viewed as helping countries who fall into debt.
Instead he maintained the IMF ensures that the debt burden is calculated so that countries are never able to pay their dues – this, for example, gives them greater control over Africa which is rich in resources.
The next layer on the financial pyramid consists of the central banks including the Federal Reserve in America and the European Central Bank.
Below them are the national banks, including the Bank of England. These used to be on the level above but are now, in effect, subsidiaries of the European Central Bank.
Next are the regular banks and stock market centres, followed by the multi nationals and only then come national governments.
Mr Bernard also emphasised that there are many free states in the world enjoying the same immunity as the BIS – although they still report upwards to them.
These include the City of London, the Square Mile, which is where the gold rate is determined and many markets manipulated so that money flows in desired directions and others are left with nothing.
Other ‘free states’ include the Vatican Bank in Vatican City and one in Washington DC.

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