Breaking point that pricked the conscience of a financial gangster……

RONALD BERNARD had been strongly warned that making his personal fortune working for the world’s financial elite came at a cost.
The Dutch entrepreneur, who cut his teeth running his own highly successful businesses, was told he shouldn’t take on the role unless he was prepared to ‘leave his conscience in the freezer’.
He confesses during his lengthy interviews that have already been viewed by more than 18 million worldwide he was young and naïve enough to put this to one side.
For five years, in his own words, he was particularly good at a role that involved considerable decision-making skills and resolve – but in the light of day involved money laundering on a breath-taking scale.
Ronald says that because the work was so secretive and important he gave him insight into how the ‘real world’ works far removed from what the public is told.
One example was how he worked to ensure the Iraqi dollar remained viable during the Gulf War so that the country could continue trading in oil despite the official sanctions.
He said it was enlightening that in the elite financial arena everyone appeared to be friends irrespective of what was going on in the wider world.
In other words, the Americans co-operated in the Iraqi transactions despite the sanctions.
On another occasion, Ronald was confronted with the sight of cash on a breath-taking scale with his task being to help to reintegrate it into the system.
Ronald explains that his job was to ensure everything was done to look right and could not be traced.
Such manipulation results in winners and losers – some see their accounts filled, others emptied.
However there is no doubt which direction the rewards are generally flowing.
Ronald added that the charging of interest rates on money that is literally created out of thin air extorts the market at the bottom of the ladder, leaving you and I poorer, and redirects it to the top where he claims a core group of between 8,000 and 8,500 literally rule the world.
He demolished the argument that such bank charges were reasonable.
People are led to believe that interest rates are justified as lenders are giving borrowers access to funds that have been hard earned but this was simply not the case.
Loans are most often created simply by tapping figures into a computer and creating a debt contract – banks only need to possess a small fraction of the money they lend.
Ronald was occasionally made aware of some of the adverse consequences of his actions.
His conscience was pricked by news of suicides and large numbers of people losing their jobs – but still he ploughed on.
The beginning of the end came when he was invited by colleagues to attend some very mysterious ceremonies.
Ronald says he was taken to ‘Churches of Satan’ where he viewed black masses.
He added that he had no personal belief in the events that he witnessed and he regarded the presence of naked women as amusing.
But when he realised that children were involved in the ceremonies – and he was personally asked to take part – it was a different story.
It is clear from his interviews that Ronald was totally devastated and emotionally broken by what he saw.
For the first time he said ‘no’ to his bosses – and that started him on a long and painful road to what he now calls ‘my second life’.
His conscience stirred, he continued to work but turned down a number of jobs.
Ronald claims he was severely physically tortured to ensure that he didn’t reveal names of people and organisations involved in his shady world.
He ended up in intensive care where he had a near death experience that further awakened him as he realised that he was a spiritual being rather than a physical body.
For the last 22 years Ronald has been living a new life in which he is striving to put his past firmly behind him.
His revelations about what really goes on in the global financial system is part of that rehabilitation.

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