Sir Edward Heath: the future of our democracy not just his reputation is at stake

NEARLY 20 years after a public allegation of paedophilia was first made against former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath, The Mail on Sunday has today announced important news.
The Independent Inquiry into Child Abuse, set up in 2014 to investigate claims that a Westminster paedophile ring was covered up by the establishment, will look at the findings of Operation Conifer, a two-year inquiry into Heath led by Wiltshire chief constable Mike Veale.
His confidential report is due to be published in the next few weeks but he has already gone on record as saying he believes the allegations are ‘120 per cent genuine’.
Meanwhile the researcher who first outed Heath not only stands by his allegation but explains that they run wider than the details that are now being made public.
David Icke alleged that Sir Edward was a paedophile and a child-killing Satanist in his controversial book The Biggest Secret.
He publicly challenged the former Prime Minister to deny the charge.
Heath, understandably, did not do so but the allegations have only grown stronger since his death in 2004.
Senior Tories and other establishment figures continue to lead the protests at both the allegations and the police investigation.
They claim it would have been impossible for Sir Edward to be involved in such activities or, at the very least, consider them to be grossly out-of-character with the public figure they knew.
They complain about the public cost of the inquiry to date and question its purpose considering the accused has now been dead for 13 years.
All very understandable.
But let’s recall for a moment that the very folk who knew the despicable paedophile Sir (yes sir again!) Jimmy Savile best – his family – stoutly denied similar allegations against him even after the Channel 4 documentary Despatches had laid the truth bare beyond any reasonable doubt.
The reason why it is important – I’d put it even more strongly – that the evidence against Heath is impartially considered goes far, far beyond the besmirched reputation of one former leader.
It pierces right through the heart of our establishment and so-called democracy.
For, as with Savile, it would then become abundantly clear that Heath did not act alone – but must have been joined and defended by more VIPs.
Icke’s allegations are that Heath was a ‘monumental Satanist’ who was involved, actively or otherwise, in the sacrifices of a large number of children.
Some of his alleged activities took place aboard his yacht Morning Cloud, charges backed by former barrister Michael Shrimpton.
The point here is that it is impossible that Sir Edward could have had licence to take part in these activities UNLESS the very people who were there to watch over him were complicit in them.
In this case, Shrimpton alleges that Mi5 consistently warned Heath and even re-Christened his boat Morning Sickness.
But nothing was done about them for the very reason that such appalling atrocities are condoned by so-called top people in society.
As far as I am concerned – and many others – Heath was outed years ago when his links with the likes of Savile became clear.
But should a public inquiry back up these claims and ‘officially’ confirm what we know to be the truth, the genie will well and truly be out of the bottle.
Surely then Tories, who voted for Heath, will be forced to admit that they were conned and ask whether they are still being conned today.
Here was a highly respected world leader, who let’s not forget took us into the European Economic Community, now the European Union.
It would be a delicious co-incidence in my view if Heath was outed at much the same time as we undo his most famous and ill-advised act.
This, however, should not beseen as an anti-Conservative crusade.
The sickness running from the top of our so-called democracy has no party political barriers.
The Labour Party also hides dreadful secrets. If the truth, the full truth and nothing but the truth is ever publicly known about one Tony Blair it would almost certainly blow even Heath’s misdemeanours out of the water.
And what of the Liberals? Sir Clement, Sir Cyril, Jeremy Thorpe, need I go on.
I support the very brave stance that Chief Constable Veale has taken so far. His well-being, not to say his life, must be precarious to say the least.
I support also the victims of Heath and other VIP paedophiles.
But it is for the future of our country I mostly look to this inquiry.
Will we further put a lid on these allegations of widespread crime amongst the elite or will we acknowledge what has happened and make the first move towards the better system millions of decent people in Britain deserve?
Should the truth emerge, it will shake many people to their very foundations.
But that is collateral damage we must stomach in the battle for a brighter future.

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