The truth is already out there – official disclosure imminent

WE are not alone…..
Aside from spiritual beings, including those who have passed on from this plane of existence, there are races from other planets, or dimensions if you prefer, with physical bodies.
These include the Reptilians, with whom the British Royal Family and many of the world’s elite are linked, Mantis beings and greys.
This has been fairly widely known for decades at the very least – the Roswell crash was in 1947 – and communication between ‘elite’ leaders in this world and people from other worlds is ongoing with the issue of official disclosure becoming more and more urgent.
All this information is, for the moment at least, freely ‘out there’ – we don’t have to wait for world leaders to come clean but, for millions of us, that’s the only way we will believe it.
One focal point for current talks is in the apparently depopulated Antarctic which has been a centre for ‘scientific exploration’ and military bases since the Second World War.
This has also been the venue for another crash landing from which ground-breaking information has been gleaned about zero-point energy (more about that later).
Disclosure to the public has also been a hot issue for decades. American Presidents from Jimmy Carter onwards – at the very latest – have expressed interest in being the vehicle to make this world-changing announcement. Ronald Reagan teased the public back in the 1980s saying how our differences would fade into insignificance if we knew of the existence of ‘aliens’ and the Clintons, Bill and Hillary, have dropped their fair share of clues.
There are however conflicts of interest surrounding official disclosure – some of which are for the benefit of the ‘elite’, the others in our interests.
When official disclosure is made – and I emphasise the word ‘official’ because the issue is already very public – it will inevitably raise a thousand questions.
How strong is the physical evidence? How long has all this been known? Are these beings friendly or hostile? What space projects have been going on in recent years and how are they funded? What is the nature of the current dialogue?
I’m sure you can think of many more.
From the elite’s point of view, disclosure opens a huge can of worms, dare I call them wormholes!
For trillions and trillions of dollars have been syphoned from the US budget alone for ‘secret’ programmes that are not accountable either to the CIA, the real US government, or successive Presidents.
They hold knowledge that could change this world massively for the better and yet it has been kept from us.
This includes the application of zero-point or free energy discovered by the physicist and futurist Nikola Tesla who died as long ago as 1943 and now known to be the means of space travel.
Americans would start to piece together the puzzle. So this is one reason why so many have been consigned to poverty in recent years whilst occasional references have been made to monies ‘gone missing’.
Official disclosure is also a threat to the hold the elite has on the world.
Once our eyes have been opened and we have woken up to new and exciting possibilities we will not so easily accept their policies of constant war and conflict, divide and rule, rich and poor etc.
From our point of view, we have been groomed for years about the existence of other life through the entertainment industry. Hollywood’s role, as with other truths that largely go over our heads, has been to introduce the subject but leave us short of real confirmation.
Are we ready now for disclosure?
It will certainly shake many to their foundations. Believers in the major world religions will be among the worst affected. Because the existence of ‘aliens’ is mostly beyond traditional belief systems, many will stick to their guns and deny it. They will call the disclosure the hoax of all hoaxes.
Others will feel very uneasy because this is a subject we can’t control with our five senses. They also will sense their world becoming more and more unpredictable and dangerous.
Yet there will be some, including me, who whilst angry that the truth has been kept secret for so long will see this as our gateway to freedom, the most exciting news ever announced.
A lid has, officially at least, been put on the truth for too long but now the pot is boiling over.
Ultimately it is the truth ‘that sets us free’. We have nothing to fear.

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