‘Transgender’ political correctness offends the majority

IT’S an all-girls school but the one thing James Allen’s School doesn’t have any longer is girls.

Head teacher Sally-Anne Huang has told the world she refers only to ‘pupils’ and not ‘girls’ – ‘she’ has been converted to ‘they’.

The reason, she adds, is not to potentially offend a number of girls (sorry ‘pupils’) who may or may not be transgender.

If I was a parent at the school, I’d be angry. As a human being, this trend is worrying and needs to be fought wherever it rears its head.

I’m not saying there is no such state as transgender – there most definitely is.

I recall meeting a couple of folk who wrestled with this issue in their lives at great personal cost.

One was born with sexual organs of both genders and eventually made the decision to live as a woman after originally being raised as a male.

The other was a ‘male’ Sunday School teacher who underwent a sex
change operation. I’d like to report ‘she’ was well received by church leaders – but the opposite was the case!

I progressed past the ‘God doesn’t make mistakes’ argument relying on the traditional Biblical view of the creation of males and females and nothing seemingly in between.

Such black and white definitions don’t wash in a modern society in which a significant number of people don’t fit.

The same argument was used then – and no doubt still is now – to suggest that being gay was a human choice as God created man to be with woman.

But, whilst maintaining the utmost regard for anyone who feels they are swimming against the majority tide, there’s something deeper going on right now.

An agenda is in place to confuse masculinity and femininity and leave us unable to be either Arthur or Martha.

The clue is in the inversion of principles, the classic way in which the powers of darkness infiltrate our lives.

In this case, a policy that seeks not to offend a very small minority instead offends the vast majority.

I say ‘seeks not to offend’ because I don’t think for a moment that anyone who is transgender worries about others being referred to as either male or female.

The ‘offence’ is trumped up by the politically correct in the same way as people of other faiths really don’t object to Christmas being celebrated in this country. They honestly don’t – and think we are crazy when the subject is brought up.

The clue, Sally-Anne Huang, is in the full name of your school – James Allen’s Girls’ School – it should proudly address the vast majority of its pupils by their gender and warmly support those who feel they are partly feminine.

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