Two very different worlds of paedophilia, the ultimate power game……

MY OWN ‘experience’ of paedophilia is a million miles away from what I am claiming happens in the top echelons of society.

And this is one important reason why so many in the general populace simply don’t ‘get it’ when they hear claims of a VIP paedophile ring.

They picture ‘elite’ people they recognise such as members of the Royal Family and heads of state and understandably can’t find a link with ‘dirty old men in a mac’, which is the common grassroots perception.

Neither should they because what happens in very isolated circumstances in our communities and what goes on behind closed doors in the corridors of power are literally chalk and cheese.

When working for a local newspaper, I knocked nervously on the door of a known paedophile in Loughborough, thinking I would be the last person he wanted to talk to.

Instead he invited me in, made me a drink and spoke with me for hours.

We disagreed on virtually everything but, after two or three meetings, I got to understand as closely as I was able where he was coming from.

For him, paedophilia was a compulsion, a sexual orientation – as ‘normal’ for him, as chasing women was for me.

He believed children were not properly loved or cared for and that he was providing love for those young people (well, I did say we disagreed on everything!).

He asked me, very frankly, why I thought he had lost his job, wife, house and reputation as a citizen (he was a respected former teacher).

I told him wider society, outside of the ‘bubble’ in which he existed, had completely different beliefs on the issues he had raised.

I felt sad and frustrated because I could not see an answer to this dilemma,

He and others hold totally different views on ‘love’ and how we should interact with children; all society can do is isolate them and hope they will eventually change their minds.

Speaking many years later with a woman who worked in the prison service confirmed my view that the latter isn’t a realistic outcome. She was equally as despairing as I was.

The paedophile I spoke with matched the common public image. He was scruffy, frankly strange looking, and easily matched to his actions when people saw him walking his dog through town.

Paedophilia at ‘elite’ level is not primarily a sexual orientation, or a form of totally misguided ‘love’ – it’s an initiation and the ultimate power game.

This isn’t something an average MP or businessman is likely to encounter – we are going far higher up than that.

This is for those who want to climb to the very top, to be part of an ‘elite’ group who look after their own backs and will do anything for the pursuit of power.

Once an ‘initiate’ has taken part in a sexual act with children, beit purely sexual or a child sacrifice (yes, that really happens too), they have sold their soul to their ‘masters’.

They are compromised for the length of this lifetime. They know that if their ‘secret’ came out, their careers would be over in an instant. But they are ‘safe’ because others are compromised too.

The sexual act is also an energy exchange, one that has significant benefits both for the adult involved and for spiritual entities that are called up in the ceremonies.

For at the highest level, paedophilia and Satanism are linked. You can be a paedophile without being a Satanist, but vice versa it is virtually impossible.

Many people who rise to the top positions in society are ‘groomed’ by the Illuminati from an early age.

Some are picked out because of their bloodlines.

From the Illuminati’s perspective, the earlier those folk are ‘compromised’ the better.

So you get a high proportion who are sexually abused as a child, as this ‘altars’ in their minds, making them susceptible both to mind control and to becoming abusers in their own rights.

Because they are ‘elite’, they are above the usual powers of the law.

Many ask how if former Prime Minister Edward Heath really was a paedophile he wasn’t picked up by staff from Mi5 who routinely provided his security.

The reason is the security services are accountable directly to the very people involved in this scandal.

They work ultimately for The Crown and the establishment, not in the best interests of the nation as a whole.

What has happened in recent years is that the door has been forced ajar on perhaps the most shocking abuse of power of all.

Occasional morsels have been thrown out to the general public in the hope that it will go no further.

Hence Sir Jimmy Savile was exposed after his death, along with a string of other ‘celebrities’.

Yet we are still mostly unable to string together the dots and come to the obvious conclusion.

We know that Savile was a close friend of both former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and leading members of the Royal Family but we can’t see a connection between such people and how we commonly perceive paedophilia.

The answer lies in the fact that society is a pyramid – and normal goings on at the very head of that pyramid are completely different from how life is lived on all the other rungs.

Power, real power, often comes at the most appalling cost – both to the ‘souls’ of those who cross the line and to a wider society who have no concept of why they commit the crimes they do.

The abuse, torture and murder of innocent children must be accounted for, according to universal law.

And some who have power over us now will answer to us in future………

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