People beg for the military police state after events such as Las Vegas……

WHEN the American authorities announced Stephen Paddock was responsible for the Las Vegas shooting massacre that was case closed for 90 per cent of people.

A very small proportion of folk in the alternative media immediately declared the event a ‘false flag’ without time to take in the facts.

Neither response is particularly intelligent.

Blind belief in figureheads, who told us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that a group with scarce resources pulled off the most audacious ‘terrorist’ attack in history against the world’s best security system on 9/11 and that all American wars are for the advancement of humanity, is plain crazy in my view.

But so is coming to an instant judgement on issues until facts have started to emerge.

Now the dust is beginning to settle on this latest atrocity questions are beginning to emerge challenging the official version of events.

Put bluntly how did this one guy get all those heavy guns up 32 flights without coming to the notice of security staff?

Remember here we are talking about security standards that are almost certainly higher than any we experience in this country.

What triggered my alarm bells was the claim that a lone wolf had suddenly, inexplicably lost the plot and then conveniently killed himself.

How many times have we heard a scenario like this before?

Immediately members of Paddock’s family went on the attack. Well, they would, wouldn’t they?

Families tend to back each other up. But I was interested in the fact Paddock’s brother denied having any knowledge that the alleged culprit had an interest in guns.

Until I see footage of Stephen Paddock carrying around large suitcases, I’m going to hold to my opinion that the ammunition was planted on him.

So who else could have been responsible?

The obvious answer is those who have most reason to gain – the authorities themselves.

The murder of 59 people means nothing to them compared with the opportunity to ramp up the ever-growing feeling of fear that is now spreading among ordinary American people.

For when the people are afraid, who do you think they go running to?

Instantly they welcome the draconian measures that take America another step towards a state where the police and military are indivisible.

This is the way the American government operates.

It’s whole ‘war on terror’ is waged against an enemy nobody can ever put their fingers on.

Instead the resentment and now murderous anger has been stoked to boiling point by America’s unchallenged record of declaring war.

They’re busy now convincing us that North Korea, a country with the potential clout of Wales, are a real danger to their national security.

Form tells us that when the American government tells you something the very least you should do is question.


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