British Crown accused in report of Canada’s ongoing ‘holocaust’

THE BRITISH CROWN has been cited as a major player in Canada’s hidden ‘holocaust’…..


Astonishing and deeply alarming allegations of genocide dating back to 1910 up to the present day are contained in a report  sent to the United Nations and the European Union.


The International Tribunal of Crime or Church and State (ITCCS), a human rights coalition, is calling for judicial action against the British Crown, the Vatican and churches for alleged genocide and child trafficking.


The report titled: A Report on the Continuity of Genocidal Crimes in Canada: An Appeal to the People and Governments of the World was presented last month to UN and EU officials as well as diplomatic representatives of 12 nations including Russia, China and the United States.


It claims to have evidence of a plan by Canadian church and state to ‘exterminate non-Christian indigenous nations through special internment camps deceptively named ‘Indian residential schools’. It shows that at least 65,000 children died in these camps in less than a century because of deliberate policies of germ warfare, starvation and systemic violence’.


It adds that a ‘continuity of crime’ is still happening today against Canadian aboriginal women and families through state-sponsored child trafficking and terror designed to secure indigenous lands for resource-hungry American corporations.


Among its recommendations, the ITCCS calls on the global community to enact economic and political sanctions against Canada, Great Britain and the Vatican, dispatch international peace keepers and forensic investigation teams to Canada and aid in the prosecution of these regimes for crimes against humanity.


The report is spearheaded by the Rev Kevin Annett (pictured) who was confronted with stories of abuse and genocide after taking up a position as a minister with the United Church of Canada in 1992.


These came to light after the Rev Annett expressed surprise at the unexpectedly low number of Indians attending his congregation.


As he looked deeper into the allegations, he was summarily dismissed by the church.


In the report, he gives an indication of the scale of the  opp osition he and others have encountered in continuing this investigation up to the present day.


‘Those of us who have revealed and confronted these crimes within Canada have been assaulted, harassed, imprisoned and censored by every level of government, the police and the courts, and have been prevented from operating freely within our own country.


‘Seven of our comrades have died from foul play at the hands of the police and others.


‘We are therefore bringing this truth beyond Canada’s borders for the sake of the army of innocents who have died and who will continue to die if justice is not done’.


Rev Annett, who has labelled the genocides as ‘Canada’s holocaust, was prevented from entering the UK in September 2011 when due to speak at a public convention on child abuse and trafficking in London.


Note from writer: More to come on this including direct allegations made against Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

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