Hillary Clinton’s mock horror is the start of Hollywood’s cover up

TWO-time Oscar winner Emma Thompson is one of a number of Hollywood stars to liken the current Harvey Weinstein scandal to Jimmy Savile and child abuse in the UK.

I would also suggest that both stories will develop on the same lines.

The fascinating point is that the verbal case against both men went from A to Z almost in a blinking of an eye.

Weinstein, like Saville who of course had passed away before the final allegations were made public, has been thoroughly hung out to dry – and rightly so.

Like in the aftermath of the Savile revelations in 2012, it is now open season for allegations to be made both about Weinstein and Hollywood as a whole.

This, however, is a window that will soon be forcibly closed.

For just as the system is working overtime in Britain to ensure other members of Savile’s VIP paedophile ring remain above the law, Hollywood will fight tooth and nail with the backing of the elite and the media to protect their own.

A preview of what is to come came yesterday when former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton produced a sick piece of PR in a bid to defend both her own Democratic party and the abusers in general.

She expressed her mock horror at the allegations about Weinstein, who has been a funder of the Democrats.

I’m not going to spend time here going into the mountain of evidence linking Bill and Hillary Clinton with sexual abuse – it’s one of the reasons she is not sitting in the White House right now.

What will happen now is that Weinstein will be sacrificed on the false basis that he is out of step with the ethics of Hollywood when the opposite is the case.

Hollywood is awash with sexual abuse – that’s the control system on which it is based.

But it isn’t going to roll over and die just yet because the reputations of too many rich and famous folk are at stake.

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