Like Ouija boards, Halloween invites evil spirits into our world……

OUIJA boards were a major talking point because of the number of people who claimed having a spiritual experience whilst using them.

Whether the participants fully believed they had contacted the supernatural or their hands had moved due to psychological or group pressure is almost irrelevant.

The one thing they did have in common was that their experience was a negative one, even if it often began in a benign way.

Today we don’t hear so much about Ouija boards but Hallowe’en is all the rage.

I’d suggest that the two are related and people who usually have little interest in spiritual practices can suffer adverse consequences.

The idea there was something magical about the Ouija board is nonsense. It is, after all, a piece of wood.

Contact comes when the divide is breached between our physical world and non-physical entities, or the spirit world, if you prefer.

Fortunately for our mental health, such a divide does actually exist.

The Bible offers stark warnings from seeking to contact the ‘spirits of the dead’.

This is interpreted through religious eyes as being an evil act worthy of punishment when it is merely being a warning for our own good.

Universal or natural law is the key here whether we recognise it or not.

Spirits have no right of entry into human lives unless we invite them in.

When someone using a Ouija board asks spirits to make themselves known he or she is creating a ‘contract’, or agreement, with those entities.

The Ouija board is merely the vehicle that concentrates the mind – rather like the concept of a crystal ball.

Thought creates the ‘portal’ for entities to bridge the two worlds and deal directly with human beings.

The problem is that the entities attracted to the earth are from the nearest dimension to ourselves – the lower fourth.

This is an astral realm occupied by evil spirits whose modus operandi is to lie and deceive.

Once the door has been opened, it can be difficult to close, hence the call for spiritual help from spiritualists or Christian ministers.

The interesting point about Halloween is that this is not an event based on ‘trick and treating’ or other comparatively harmless actions, but a major occult festival based on the same teachings I have just outlined.

Referred to as Samhain, rather than Hallowe’en, October 31 is one of the most important days of the year for pagans and witches, but also Satanists.

They believe that on October 31 the veil between the two worlds is at its most thin – and call up spirits to take their place here on earth.

At a Satanic level, this goes much further as it also acts of human sacrifice.

Whilst ordinary folk who dress up as zombies and witches, having no idea what they are really getting into, are not prime causers of the spiritual mayhem that follows they do actually play a part.

For by even acknowledging and supporting the festival of Halloween, they are giving their energy to an event that has horrific consequences.

So Halloween becomes not just a huge money spinner  – it is an $8billion dollar industry in America alone – it becomes more and more effective as a spiritual event if supported by millions rather than a comparatively small number of dedicated occultists.

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