Happy birthday to the Son of Halloween

THIS WEEK many thousands of unsuspecting folk will be marking the birthday of a man who charmed, seduced, abused and spiritually murdered a nation.

And just as the real meaning and significance of Halloween will once again pass us by – the true life of Sir Jimmy Savile, the Son of Halloween, remained hidden until it was seemingly too late.

Savile was born on October 31 1926. He was the seventh son, a status associated in folklore with magical powers. His birthplace was Leeds, known to many as the occult capital of England.

Whether trick or treating, attending parties or merely buying some of the merchandise – it is an $8 billion industry in the United States alone – our nation’s real relationship with Halloween is one of ignorance and denial.

Little or no mention will be made that this is the Satanic festival of Samhain where small numbers of folk will be gathering to sexually abuse and murder innocent children – the modern day version of the offering of virgins, as recorded in The Bible.

For in our sophisticated world, magic doesn’t exist, save for the clever illusionists of the entertainment industry.

But then the very meaning of the word occult is ‘hidden knowledge’ and on such a foundation the Son of Halloween weaved his spell on the unsuspecting public.

All the clues were there for those who had eyes to see and ears to hear – yet they passed us by.

He wore Satanic robes, one in particular can be traced over 40 years; bore the wizard’s tool kit of a wand, wishbone necklace, rings, even a crystal ball and altar; spoke publicly of his witchcraft, connection with the dark side and attraction to children.

So how were we unable as a nation to catch on?

Here the evil man’s own explanation: ‘I am like a sewing machine that goes in here and goes in there; but I am also the eminence grise; the grey shadowy figure in the background. The thing about me is I get things done and I work deep cover.’

That’s not the full explanation but a very valuable clue to how the darkest of secret lives remained from view.

Savile knew everyone in the same club – from those in run-of-the-mill society right up (or should that be down?) to the Royal Family.

He spent 11 New Year’s Eves with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Do you suppose they chatted about his charity work and Top of the Pops?

At Mrs T’s  urgent request – she had written four times before eventually succeeding – he was knighted in 1990 for ‘charitable services’.

In the same year he received a Papal knighthood, being made a Knight Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great (KCSG) by Pope John Paul II.

Even that wasn’t all.

He also became a Knight of Malta, a mystical order with such roots that Google explains “The Knights are your CIA, your politicians, your lobbyist, your previous, present and future presidents. They are the most powerful group known to man. They are the agents of the dark lord.”


Would it surprise you to know that others also knighted include George Bush senior, Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch?



Close colleagues observed he had almost unique rites of passage into Buckingham Palace, being merely waived through whilst others were subjected to the closest of scrutiny.

Savile was introduced into the Royal Family by Lord Louis Mountbatten in the 1960s.

Disturbingly Mountbatten was also known as a paedophile from his time in India.

Savile then forged close links to two generations of one of the most influential families in the world – from Prince Philip to Charles, who amazingly appointed him as a go-between when his marriage to Diana was in crisis (needless to say she didn’t share the same fondness for him!).

Charles once sent a gift of cigars to Savile bearing the words: ‘Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country, Jimmy’. Was he, too, referring to the man’s fund raising efforts, or did he know a great deal more?

Savile preyed on the vulnerable. From the darkest of criminals such as serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, whom he visited frequently at Broadmoor to the physically disabled and, of course, young, defenceless children.

He was privy to occult knowledge that trauma is a source of energy,the real key to both paedophilia and Satanic ritual.

Even his charitable walks were staged to trace leylines with the sites of Stoke Mandevile and Broadmoor, for example, being on significant occultic sites.

By further study of the secret life of Jimmy Savile, the doors will be opened to many a scandal, private, national and international.

Those who provided him with ‘deep cover’ will eventually be exposed themselves.

Yet, for now, we remain, as a nation, largely clueless.

Save for the brilliant ‘Exposure’ documentary that finally lifted the lid on the Son of Halloween who had Britain under his spell, we might still believe he was merely a charitable and musical icon.

And, yes, the vast majority still think Halloween is nothing more than  an innocent day of fun……..









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