Why Michael Fallon is merely a sacrifice to throw us off the scent………

DEFENCE SECRETARY Michael Fallon’s dramatic departure brings to mind echoes of our corrupt legal system.

Prosecutors and defence counsel frequently put truth to one side and agree a deal in which a defendant pleads guilty to a lesser crime to ensure everyone gets an agreeable result.

Although I have no inside information, few people doubt Fallon admitted repeatedly touching a young party member’s knee because a far more serious allegation lurked around the corner – Sunday’s papers should make interesting reading!

His enforced resignation is purely and simply damage limitation which is how Westminster and other major power groups invariably deal with a crisis.

In truth, they have no choice as their power base is dependent on the very practices they publicly must condemn.

In modern times, Westminster has been fighting a battle to prevent infinitely more serious sexual allegations than have thus far been made against Fallon or other MPs embroiled in this current ‘scandal’.

Its way of doing so – as with Hollywood in recent weeks – is to throw out a sacrifice to the masses and hope they continue to focus on individuals rather than the whole picture.

I’m referring mostly here to the notorious VIP paedophile ring that has been known about for decades.

Information began to emerge in the 1990s about the activities of ‘celebrities’ including DJ and charity champion Jimmy Savile, who was eventually ‘sacrificed’ in 2012, a year after he passed away.

Investigations were taking place into the paedophile ring on behalf of Crimewatch hosted at the time by a much-loved presenter called Jill Dando.

The concern from the elite here was the possible domino effect. Had Savile been toppled then, would the revelations have extended as far as Number Ten – Savile worked directly with paedophile Prime Minister Ted Heath – and the Royal Family?

That was a risk the elite simply weren’t prepared to take.

They needed to find out what Dando did or didn’t know – in a fashion that wouldn’t arouse her suspicions.

Dando was a devout and genuine Christian, with a desire for truth.  Her idol Cliff Richard was and is a Christian by reputation but also a member of the VIP paedophile ring having been a regular visitor to the guest house that accommodated their notorious parties.

The two met ‘coincidentally’ in the months before Dando’s murder. She would have had no idea she was being groomed.

Whatever Cliff Richard discovered, it was enough to provoke the ultimate course of action – not just the murder of a single woman but a message to the media and others not to meddle with this explosive story.

Dando’s shooting was initially blamed on a lone wolf madman – a common policy of the elite when seeking someone to blame for their own actions.

This backfired when Barry George was eventually cleared after serving eight years in prison for a crime he was clearly not capable of.

There was only one person who knew for sure where Dando would be when confronted by a hired assassin – that man has since secured luxurious employment with the Royal Family.

The message got through. The story went quiet. Indeed the BBC were still fighting tooth and nail to keep the crimes of Savile, Cliff Richard and other stars secret until Channel 4 finally lifted a partial lid.

Then it was a case of throwing Savile out to the wolves, whilst battening down the hatches to ensure his ring of VIP contacts didn’t follow next.

Current Prime Minister Theresa May has been a major player in doing just that.

As Home Secretary, she appointed a series of leaders to the so-called VIP paedophile inquiry, knowing they would be forced to resign due to either conflict of interests or lack of incompetence.

She also drew up stringent guidelines to ensure the probe was so embroiled in red tape it would never get near to the truth.

Her tactics haven’t changed.

May can not and will not get to the root of the current sex scandal because it potentially exposes her own masters.

The best she can do is the token offering of a leading minister she had clearly fallen out with and make the astonishing appointment of Gavin Williamson, who as chief whip has been using the sexual and other sins of the party’s MPs to blackmail them into line.

That, in short, is the way the elite power line works.

The group higher up the pyramid – and it extends much higher than Westminster – have scandalous information about people on the next rung who therefore keep in line.

That is why some MPs who have been chosen for real prominence are introduced to paedophilia through quasi-religious rituals.

It’s like an old boys’ initiation ceremony. They have to perform outrageous acts to show their loyalty – once they’ve done so, they are trapped for life. Former Prime Minister David Cameron had sex with a pig – others have done far worse.

There will be no root and branch sexual reform at Westminister.

They may come up with new codes of conduct to throw the masses of the scent but the real sexual abuse – far more dangerous and long lasting than touching a woman’s knee – will continue.

It’s part of elite DNA……


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