Brainwashing wearing off as British people begin to ‘wake up’

HAVE YOU ever been brainwashed?

The 95 per cent who just answered ‘no’ have highlighted just how well mind control in this country works.

Most associate ‘brainwashing’ with quasi-religious cults or perhaps the shady Kremlin, not something most of us we come across in everyday life.

Yet we are subjected to ‘programming’ each and every day of our lives – mostly with not the slightest knowledge that it is taking place.

Most brainwashing does not occur through wizards casting spells or hypnotists putting our conscious minds to sleep but through nothing more threatening than sheer repetition.

From our early days our standard life expectation is drilled into us: ‘You will go to school and/or college to be educated; you will work long hours for about 50 years, then you will retire, get more and more frail and die’.

Few ask questions such as why we are taken out of our homes at such an early age to be filled with information, most of which is of very little use, or why we spend the best part of our lives working so that we can pay the bills the authorities impose on us whilst our employers get very rich.

Then there’s retirement when now, apparently, it’s our responsibility to ensure we’re never ill in case it imposes too great a burden on the NHS.

The number one commandment in Britain today is no longer ‘thou shalt love thy God’ but ‘tbou shalt not be a burden in the economy’….or that’s the way it seems.

‘People in authority should be looked up to and respected’ – this includes the Government, teachers and lecturers, people in white coats and, most definitely, the Royal Family.

‘Where would we be if we didn’t have a Queen? You wouldn’t want a President, it wouldn’t be the same’. And so one of the most important subjects in British society, the fact that we have an ancient Monarchy, is virtually never discussed.

Our armed forces serve our country. They have given their lives to allow us to have the freedoms we enjoy today…..’  Excuse me, a moment, sir, but weren’t they merely ‘brainwashed’ into putting their lives on the line because they didn’t feel they had a choice?

The narrative we are constantly reminded of goes on ‘we are a peaceful country. We only go to war to help remove very nasty dictators and create a better world. America might be a bit crazy, but they’re our friends and those Russians are very creepy – you can never trust them!’

Since 2001 and an incident that is shrouded in mystery, we have the idea that ‘terrorists are crazy Muslims who want to blow us up at every opportunity’ – the fact that we are capable of and perform acts of ‘terrorism’ on a daily basis in the Middle East is totally ignored.

The ‘programming’ comes from teachers who, innocently enough because they too know no better, repeat a version of English history that is biased to say the very least.

The British Empire was never anything to be proud of – it was a killing machine – and our influence in the world today is actually far greater than we are generally made aware of.

We then get a massive amount of our ‘brainwashing’ from the media – again, I don’t think there’s any evil intent there, they’re usually staff merely serving their masters.

So we get told again and again and again that we’re a ‘democracy, a free country, you have the right to say what you like here…’ whilst daily our freedoms are being stripped from us. Even parts of our language are being removed through a code of political correctness based on an ideology of ‘right and wrong’ that precludes the right to hold a genuine opinion.

This is an aspect of modern ‘brainwashing’ that is particularly strong right now. Minds have been so changed in recent years that should an individual dare to question whether gay marriage is a good thing, for example, you are regarded as a little left of Hitler.

Yet other forms of programming are breaking down – and breaking down fast.

People are asking more questions about how and why we conduct our lives.

‘Should we really be giving our time to soulless corporations who treat us as a number?

‘Shouldn’t we expect a better return from our labours than a small pension and having to sell our houses to pay for dementia care?

‘If we’ve fought and won all these wars, how come the Germans are clearly better off and more advanced than us in so many ways?

‘Should we really give our sovereignty over to pill-popping ‘white coats’ who don’t seem to know a great deal more about how our bodies really work than we do?

‘Can we afford to keep one family in a world of outrageous luxury whilst we see homeless people in our streets every day?

Irrespective of which side you were on in the argument, I think it was truly wonderful that the British people basically discounted the views of the ‘establishment’ in last year’s European Union referendum and voted for themselves.

It’s all part of ordinary people re-emerging from the programming that has held us back for so long.

The Internet is a major, major player in this.

No longer do folk spend endless hours in front of their ‘tell lie vision’ and newspapers soaking in our propaganda – they search for themselves what other folk are saying about our country and the world.

They are taking a fresh look at British history and discovering that it doesn’t tally at all with what they’ve been told.

Could it be that we send our armed forces to war for purely political reasons and not to serve the country mostly want conflict as a last resort?

‘Waking up’ is a confusing business. And that’s the muddle many are in at the moment.

They are finding it deeply unsettling to see the old way of doing things crumble in front of their eyes.

They are genuinely shattered by revelations that people they have looked up to all their lives are not only no better than they are – but often a great deal worse.

This is a phase we must go through. There is no other choice.

The ‘programmers’ will continue the fight. Taking away parts of the Internet is very much on their agenda (for our good and protection, you understand).

But the elephant has now been spotted in the room and there is no going back.

This age of ‘wage slaves’ and the many laying their lives down for the benefit of the rich and powerful few is coming to an end.

I can’t wait……

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