‘Heroes’ come face to face with the real enemy – and still don’t recognise them

IT was a terribly British occasion – full of pompous ritual, promoting a totally false narrative.

The high and mighty of the establishment took centre stage, of course, sanctimoniously placing their wreaths during the televised Remembrance Day service in London.

Then, maintaining the usual false pecking order, at the back of the cue came those who did their dirty work for them – ordinary people with extraordinary stories of valour and loss, yet an unerring blind loyalty to the very folk who betrayed them.

For the ‘real enemy’ of our soldiers who fought the two appalling world wars and the endless conflicts since are not Hitler, the Nazis, or even Muslim extremists – but the very establishment who stood in front of them yesterday.

For wars are not fought between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ or ‘democracies’ and ‘dictators but at the behest of the most powerful people in the world who are victorious whoever prevails on the battle field.

Their agenda from decades before the start of World War One – ‘the war to end all wars’ my arse – has been to reduce the human population and ensure power rests in fewer and fewer hands.

That explains why the Bank of England funded BOTH sides in World War Two and why Germany, beaten on the battle field, have won the peace hands down.

You don’t financially penalise those you want to do business with – irrespective of so-called ethics.

Our armed forces are sold the line ‘you are fighting for your country’ and we salute them for ‘laying down their lives to preserve our freedoms’ yet neither is a satisfactory explanation of what really happens.

Ninety nine per cent of people don’t want war – we never have. It’s the high stakes poker players at the very top of society who manipulate us onto different sides.

Even the rise of Hitler and the Nazis was a ‘creation’ of British intelligence and funded by the Rothschilds, who were quids in whether or not he was successful in taking our land.

And so it remains today.

At various times, Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi were our friends and co-conspirators – the Bush family and the Bin Laden’s were business partners, for goodness sake.

But the real mission of Britain and America  – or the incredibly small number of folk who pull the strings either side of the water – is not one of democracy, but to lead us step by step towards the totalitarian state, they refer to as the New World Order. Much the same end game as that envisaged by Hitler and the Nazis.

Truth is always apportioned according to an individual’s place in the pyramid. Many politicians laying wreaths yesterday are almost as ignorant as the ordinary man and woman in the street.

Yet some in yesterday’s service know exactly what went happened on the real battlefield – secret society meetings where the public narratives for the old wars and the new are agreed upon.

Their hypocrisy in honouring those they sent to their deaths for purely political reasons is beyond stunning. It’s mind blowing.

Our soldiers died because they believed the lies of those who claim to have their best interests at heart.

And, by bowing and scraping to the establishment at yesterday’s service, we reveal that we are as much in the dark as ever.

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