Political correctness and ‘team bonding’ are products of global mind control…….

I’M sure most folk at some stage or other has been subjected to one of those mind-numbing ‘team bonding’ programmes at work…..

Perhaps, like me, you’ve longed to shout out ‘this is a load of bollocks’ but remembered just in time that your pay cheque (aka economic survival) depends on it.

Then as you progress through the training, you start coming up with the expected answers because that’s the way of least resistance.

I’ve often wondered where political correctness and the drive towards conformity actually comes from.

Everywhere I go I hear and see people repeating politically correct sentiments as if they are gospel.

But how many actually believe in it? A tiny, tiny few in my opinion and experience once you get people out of their ‘work prison’ and into an environment where they speak freely.

Well, now, I have discovered the source of political correctness – and it is very interesting.

It originated from the very place many researchers regard as the global centre for mind control.

You could be forgiven for thinking that was in Russia, China or even the Middle East.

But, no, it’s right here in shadowy London and it goes by the name of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

Officially, according to its own website, the Tavistock Institute is an independent, non-profit organisation focused on the application of social sciences.

Infact, its roots go slightly further back and provide a clue to its real mission.

It was born in 1920 as the Tavistock Clinic. It was answerable to the British army’s psychological department and studied the traumatic effects of warfare on soldiers in the First World War.

Research centred on finding the exact point where a soldier, or anyone else for that matter, psychologically breaks down.

Tavistock’s change of name and nature came in 1947 when it received funding from the Rockefeller Foundation – that should ring immediate alarm bells.

From being accountable to a major department, it was suddenly only answerable to the whims of one of the richest families in the world.

Over the decades, Tavistock has helped to give birth to a number of very influential organisations including the OSS, now known as the CIA, and the Harvard psychological clinic.

The aim of Tavistock is to groom the world for the New World Order or ‘one world government’ if you prefer.

But how can an incredibly small number of people – for that is the true base of support for such an appalling plan – possibly convince the big wide world?

The simple answer is mind control and manipulation – and Tavistock are its masters.

In the early days it called upon the theories of Sigmund Freud, the eminent psychologist, and his research on the subconscious mind.

The goal was to increase productivity in the workplace by destroying the ego.

Here we get shades of today’s ‘team bonding’ nonsense. Corporations don’t thrive through individuals following their own agenda – they make bigger profits when they submerge us all into an unthinking, compliant collective.

The idea in Freud’s time was to create brainwashed zombies satisfied with living at the edge of starvation and who accept the gradual decreasing of their wages and work conditions without complaining.

Is that not, ladies and gentlemen, precisely the kind of workplace we have today?

Men and women work long and hard for pay cheques that barely cover their bills, too scared to voice their unhappiness in case even that is taken away from them.

Political correctness is a big part of modern conformity. First it takes away our language – certain phrases are no longer considered acceptable – the next step is teaching us not even to think outside of these very narrow tramlines. Believe me, that is coming soon.

When everyone is speaking the same language, thinking the same thoughts, we are then in exactly the state for accepting the unacceptable.

There’s another vital weapon in the armoury of Tavistock and other mind controllers that is becoming more and more prevalent today.

And it goes all the way back to those studies of soldiers returning from the brutal battlefields.

For it has long since been established that when victims reach that breaking point of too much trauma, they do indeed break down and become compliant to new programming.

And we are being groomed for just that by the spread of a sense of fear and doom in the world.

‘Well, there’s plenty to genuinely fear in the world – just look at the news,’ I hear you say.

There you go – you’ve fallen straightaway for the programming.

For the true source of much of the evil that is undoubtedly happening in our midst is far different from what you are told to believe.

ISIS can’t destroy our world – no more than Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or even the Russians from Cold War times.

The evil in our midst is created and manipulated by the programmers – Tavistock and its related organisations.

The best example of all is the 9/11 hoax.

In one fell swoop, human perception took an almighty – and totally misleading – change.

Suddenly almost everyone accepted that fundamentalist Muslims are the source of all ‘terror’ and the mission of the western world – intentionally an impossible one, of course – has to be to defeat them.

When conspiracy theorists – and that’s a totally ridiculous phrase in itself – dared to point out the official story makes no scientific sense (two planes apparently hitting the sturdiest of buildings do not cause it to collapse in on itself within a matter of minutes!), here came the obvious public objection.

‘Why would the Americans do this to themselves?’

I’ve just given you the answer – to create and perpetuate a sense of public fear.

And this fear is close nowadays to ‘breaking’ a good proportion of worthy folk down.

Then, like soldiers mentally beaten to the point where they are shadows of their former selves, they will gladly submit to any possible solution.

Tavistock offers you a ‘dictatorship without tears’ – problem, reaction, solution where they cause the initial problem, stoke up a traumatic reaction and you end up literally begging for the very ‘solution’ they have been planning for decades.

You don’t have to go down that road however.

Next time you have a ‘team bonding’ exercise, do shout ‘bollocks’ – it’s the very least you can do.

For the works of Tavistock are far more sinister than just irritating the life out of you………..

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