Al Gore’s man-made climate change a lucrative business – and deliberately misleading

CLIMATE CHANGE is real – and generally beneficial; man-made climate change, the version preached by billionaire Al Gore, is not only nonsense, but intentionally misleading.

The background is this. Time plays tricks on us. We are sold the idea that temperatures are rising and there will be no end to the trend when infact the earth is still readjusting from a mini ice age that lasted for almost 400 years.

World temperatures began to rise again in the early nineteenth century and continued to rise until 1995.

It was then we were tortured by the theory of global warming – which spectacularly bit the dust when temperatures temporarily began to fall again.

But the elite’s plan was already in place, so they changed the goalposts.

A document called The Report from Iron Mountain published in 1964 by a group who called themselves The Council of Rome proposed that people should be made to believe that climate change was man-made so that a carbon tax could be imposed.

The biggest proponent of this lie was the American politician Al Gore whose film An Inconvenient Truth won him both a Nobel Prize and an Oscar.

Prior to making the film Gore and his business partners set up a new bank which trades in carbon futures. Because of his worldwide tour publicising the film, he and his business partners became multi-billionaires.

The film has been promoted as a blueprint to proving the case for man-made climate change. Problem was when the film’s 26 main claims were tested in the British High Court no fewer than nine were shown to be inaccurate.

Among the disputed points were that increasing carbon dioxide causes temperature rises.

Instead evidence suggests the truth is the other way around. Increasing temperature leads inevitable to higher carbon dioxide levels.

The increasing temperature on this planet – which is not out of control – is natural and is mainly caused by the sun.

It is beneficial because it is leading to an increase in consciousness throughout the world with a bigger minority of folk waking up to their link with their higher selves and seeing through the manipulation that has limited our lives for centuries.

Hence the desperate need of the elite to come up with a hoax theory to counter fast-increasing levels of awareness.

In short, both humans and the earth need temperatures to rise and a high level of carbon dioxide helps the brain to function at its higher levels.

The very folk who propagate the potentially apocalyptic dangers of man-made climate change jet around the world to their heart’s content and promote both an increase in warfare and weather manipulation techniques that inevitably do far more damage than us spending our whole lives in our cars.


2 thoughts on “Al Gore’s man-made climate change a lucrative business – and deliberately misleading

  1. like this John, always said Global Warming was money made,propaganda is a winner, people can be easily sucked in, a few figures and a scale can fool even the cleverest person when backed up by so called experts.

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    1. Thanks, Bill. It works like this: they commission scientists to come up with reports about climate change. The scientists know that if their findings don’t comply with the desired point of view they will lose their future funding. There is a strong body of scientific opinion against the idea of man-made climate change which doesn’t get too much publicity.


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