Did you get that? Trump’s 15 second warning to the world……

HIS TWITTER account is one of the hottest properties on social media.

I doubt however that you will have seen the following tweet by United States President Donald Trump.

The time is upon us – operation Alice in Wonderland is about to start’.

The reason I’m so certain is this message was deleted – very probably by Trump himself – just 15 seconds after being posted!

Most folk will be completely baffled by this mysterious one-liner – and perhaps assume that, because it was removed so quickly, it is of little consequence.

But to researchers who understand something of the real power structure in America it is of high significance.

We have all become well accustomed to the term ‘fake news’ since the astonishing, some would way deeply disturbing, rise of the billionaire businessmen to The White House.

Basically, it depends which side you are on. Trump supporters and detractors both constantly accuse the other of manipulating the media with misleading information.

But the words ‘operation Alice in Wonderland’ are referring to a systematic muddying of the waters at a significantly higher level.

The work of Walt Disney and in particular The Wizard of Oz is a well-established tool in dark arts mind control programmes run by the CIA, the real power behind American politics.

The phrase ‘Alice in Wonderland’ refers to the public being subjected to false reality, whether through a series of ‘false flag’ operations or other covert means.

The best example remains 9/11. One day Alice is going about her business almost oblivious to what is going on in the world – the next she is convinced that the enemy of mankind is a small organisation in the Middle East – and that all our lives are at risk unless we go to war against it.

The perception of millions and millions of people across the globe was changed – and to a reasonable degree remains changed – because of pictures you saw on your television set.

The whole thing was set up to create a false reality and lead us along a path inevitably leading to infinitely more lives being lost than occurred when the Twin Towers were demolished.

Interestingly, Trump himself was one of the most prominent US people to immediately raise the alarm.

Interviewed as a prominent businessman, he told television viewers in America that it was almost impossible that the rock-solid structures could not have been raised to the ground by contact with the planes – if indeed that happened at all – but there must have been another element involved.

He suggested the planes were carrying bombs, but it is equally plausible that the explosives had previously been placed inside the buildings.

Could Trump now be seeking to prevent further mass deception?

It’s important here to recognise that the CIA works independently from the President of the United States and the holder of what is known as the most powerful office in the world does not get a say in all their operations.

The result of Trump’s tweet is this: operation Alice in Wonderland can not take place – at least not now.

I believe he has raised a red flag to put those who seek to further lead innocent Americans into a fantasy world in their place.

Trump is not a wonderful human being – he is a ruthless money-maker who will not let anyone get in his way on the road to power.

But, contrary to a lot of public opinion, he is far from stupid.

He knows the way things have worked in his country for many years and, in certain areas, he is committed to changing them.

The VIP paedophile scandal, which includes top politicians as well as Hollywood, personally disgusts him and it is no co-incidence that is now becoming more public.

He has also opened more effective communications with Vladimir Putin – that inevitably are unacknowledged publicly – in the interests of avoiding a potential apocalyptic Third World War.

And he wishes to be the president who finally breaks 60 years of silence on America’s ongoing investigations into UFOs.



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