Forget the flu jab – here’s Putin’s jab in the arm we should take notice of…..

THERE are three unforgivable sins in the crazy world of British politics.

Any aspiring politician, blue or red, will guarantee to get him, her or itself the boot if they have touched a woman other than their wife on the knee in the last 35 years, challenged the state of Israel in any way or say anything remotely nice about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Only this week I listened to a former Labour councillor, a man openly supportive of Jeremy Corbyn, explain that he felt duty bound to resign when he failed to tow the party line condemning Putin.

He wasn’t suggesting that Putin was a wonderful guy but merely offering a different point of view to the commonly held ideology in the west that he is an enemy of the ‘democratic free world’.

Putin’s list of wrongdoings, according to the British establishment and media, is formidable.

He reportedly seeks to annex adjoining countries (when our interventions in nations on the other side of the world are naturally benign), supports fellow ‘tyrant’ President Assad in dealing with the civil war in Syria (as we are among those regarded as an invading force, according to international law) and single-handedly masterminded the election of Donald Trump in America (when our secret services would have done everything unethically possible to support warmonger supreme Hillary Clinton).

This week the increasingly desperate British government threw an even more obscure piece of mud – apparently Putin is now standing in the way of us getting our vaccines, most particularly the flu jab. Woe betide anyone who questions the money-making propaganda of the pharmaceutical giants!

But the demonising of Putin by the establishment and the media flies in the face of fast-changing public opinion.

According to a recent You Gov poll carried out in 30 countries, Putin is the sixth most admired person on the planet from a list of 3,000 world leaders.

You can bet your life that neither Theresa May nor Donald Trump are in the top five!

And one of the reasons for this is that Putin has resolutely stood up to the west’s mission of imposing a New World Order which he describes as a 70-year European masterplan.

The New World Order is a vision for one world government, with one army and one bank – owned, of course, by the Rothschilds whom Putin kicked out of Russia.

Here are Putin’s own words.

“The New World Order put hornet nests in your countries – and now they are poking them.

He is referring to radical Islamics being allowed into European countries as part of European Union policy who are then ‘poked’ to provoke the wave of terror attacks that has rocked Britain in 2017

He adds: “My European brothers and sisters must reject the globalist open border policies being pushed on them by the elite.”

He goes on to explain that there is no place for sovereign states in the globalists’ vision for the future and pointed the finger firmly at the Rothschilds and international elites.

“The Rothschild cabal have infiltrated your government, your media, your banking institutions.

“They are no longer content with committing atrocities in the Middle East, they are now doing in on their own soil, desperate to complete the plan for a one world government, world army, complete with a world central bank.

“They think they can do this by terrorising you into submission, scaring you into accepting whatever new laws they will put into place to protect you.”

It should be noted here that the New World Order is as undemocratic a notion as the vision of the Nazis – it has neither been openly discussed or voted upon in any western country.

Its very existence as an ideology is commonly referred to in Britain as the fantasy of so-called conspiracy theorists even though world leaders, including George Bush senior, have occasionally let it slip in speeches.

Yet Putin, one of the most powerful leaders of all, regards it as fact and stands strongly against it.

Now you see the real reason he has to be demonised……..




One thought on “Forget the flu jab – here’s Putin’s jab in the arm we should take notice of…..

  1. Short, on the subject. Forgot to add that any leader rejecting PetrolDollar as official trade currency is exterminated, or tried to be assassinated since 1993. After 2Towers turned into dust 9th September.
    Since ALL countries who traded in EURO, not being part of EEA, had war, leaders replaced, or still have civil war with pro-central bank freedom fighters…..


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