NIKOLA TESLA was a genius.

The famous physicist is widely credited as being one of the main men behind the discovery of alternating current and the x-ray – two remarkable achievements.

Yet the Serbian, who in modern day parlance made Albert Einstein look a bit dense, didn’t stop there.

He also made potentially the greatest discovery of all before his death in 1943 – a discovery that if exploited to the full could play a huge part in saving the planet and tackling world poverty.

Tesla discovered that so-called empty space that surrounds us all the time is not empty at all – it is full of vibrant, life-enhancing energy.

Naturally he then worked his bollocks off – another modern-day phrase there – to produce the technology to use this infinite resource.

But lack of time wasn’t his only obstacle. For there have been 74 long years since his passing and still zero-point energy isn’t being put to the use he intended.

The main obstacle remains political and economic will.

Tesla lived in New York City and, upon his death, his papers were seized by the FBI.

You’d think the US government would be delighted to find the keys to such life-changing information.

They were, but not for the reasons you or I would naively imagine.

Tesla himself would have had a fair inkling of this.

He’d begun to circulate information to other parts of the world as whenever he came up with an idea to help mankind, the US sought to militarise his ingenuity.

Little surprise then that zero-point energy has instead become a huge boon for America’s space programme, which has long since largely disappeared from public scrutiny.

But what about how it could be used to improve our lives back on earth?

There are good reasons why that hasn’t happened.

The great American corporations make billions out of supplying energy at considerable cost.

They weren’t exactly jumping up and down with delight that they would no longer be needed.

The big minus was that there would be no need for the corporations to supply it. Instead zero-point energy would be free of cost.

So it was mutually agreed that as far as being a universal source of energy it should be shelved.

Patents to produce the desired technology have been routinely turned down whilst modern day scientists still discuss whether Tesla’s vision can become reality.

I don’t know all the implications of zero-point energy but what I do know is incredible.

It would reduce the cost of modern day living at a stroke.

No more need for gas and electricity to heat our homes or petrol to run our vehicles.

All the endless talk about the world running out of fossil fuels and having to find alternative greener forms of energy would be irrelevant.

No more worries about so-called man-made climate change either (and that’s another reason the elite wouldn’t want it!).

But it’s greatest impact of all would be among the poorest countries of this suffering world.

Zero-point energy would be far more effective in eradicating world poverty than a thousand years of charitable campaigns tugging at the heart strings of people who can’t make their own ends meet.

Are there other innocent reasons Tesla’s vision has never happened?

Well, as far as I know, the concept has never been debunked. So why isn’t it the talk of all the world climate change conferences? You know the reason already……

Perhaps the technology to harness zero-point energy is too difficult to perfect?  This can’t be the case because it is already being used by the space programme.

It would take a long time to extend zero point energy worldwide. But, if the world was run on moral grounds, it would happen eventually.

Instead the power of money rules supreme – as it does in almost all areas of life.

Take the so-called search for a cure for cancer as a prime example.

Say a wonder drug that could rid the world of this awful disease was found tomorrow.

That would be incredible – not least for the fact that drugs have never been known to ‘cure’ anything!

But what would happen?

Would the pharmaceutical companies get together to ensure this drug got onto the market at reasonable cost to try to save millions of lives?

Would they ‘eckers like!

A wonder cure would be disastrous for the cancer industry.

Highest profits are to be made through drugs that ensure patients are dependent upon them time and again. There is plenty of ‘repeat business’ to be had from cancer – I’m being totally serious.

The pharmaceutical business is not hell bent on saving lives but making profits.

And those two conflicting priorities mean lives are lost and human suffering is incalculable.

This, I would suggest, is the true meaning of the Biblical phrase ‘the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil’.

The brilliance of Tesla and the well-meaning people who would love to help the world find themselves hitting a corporate brick wall.

But not for ever…..

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