Sex scandals set to rock political boat on both sides of the Atlantic…..

YOU haven’t seen anything yet!

As beleaguered Secretary of State Damian Green continues to fend off allegations of downloaded pornography on his computer, a large dossier of sexual misconduct featuring politicians on both sides of Westminster is likely to be made public soon.

Indeed leading figures in both Great Britain and America are preparing uneasily for Christmas, knowing their reputations hang by a very precarious thread.

On the other side of the Atlantic, President Donald Trump has been handed names of people involved in paedophilia including Republicans and Democrats, prominent figures in the legal profession, more Hollywood stars and others in cutting edge corporations such as Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Trump’s problem in authorising the release of this potentially devastating information is that it implicates backers of his own political party.

But it is thought he is considering a public release during the forthcoming holiday period.

Back home, Westminster has already given up some names, including former Defence Secretary Michael Fallon falling on his sword, but the eye of the storm is yet to come.

Names on the dossier predominantly come from the Government and strongly threaten their already tenuous hold on power.

Should even another five or six leading Tories be forced out of office in the latest scandal, this would almost certainly trigger a second General Election within a few months.

This is likely to propel into power a very different kind of Labour leader from the one who last ousted the Tories.

From his early years in politics, Tony Blair was in the hands of the elite who protected him from his own sex scandal.

He was found guilty of importuning in a public toilet at Bow Street Magistrates Court in 1983 when he appeared under his middle names of Charles Lytton. He was fined £500 and interestingly the police files have mysteriously disappeared.

Far from being a deterrent to getting into power, such a misdemeanour is seen as being very beneficial in elite circles as it ensures people like Blair will then follow their masters’ instructions.

On this occasion, Corbyn is not the choice of the elite as he has consistently followed an anti-establishment line. He is also free from being personally blackmailed.

Should he almost be defaulted into power by another Tory sex scandal, it would be a sign that the elite are losing their vice-like control of British politics.

It would not mean all our problems are over – far from it.

But, for the first time in living memory, the country would have a Prime Minister with his own agenda.

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