Major religions follow ‘the devil’ but truth will set mankind free…….

‘YOU SHALL not leave alive anything that breathes but you shall utterly destroy them’.

You could be forgiven for thinking this quote was from Hitler or one of our more modern-day tyrants.

But, no, those are the words of the ‘Lord God of Israel’, the Old Testament ‘god’ who remains a major influence on at least three world religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Confronting this and any number of similar callous and vicious commands attributed to the so-called maker of mankind provides  the answer to one of the most fundamental questions.

Why when religions preach peace do they play a part in most of the world’s wars?

The answer is simple – once the mind control that blinds us to the truth is removed – we are following the WRONG ‘god’.

I know from my years in the church that Christians do their best to marry the peaceful, spiritual and inspiring words of Jesus Christ with the violence of the one we are supposed to believe is ‘the father’.

We’re told that he is a jealous, holy ‘god’ who can’t countenance anything ‘sinful’.

He (and that’s the way we usually refer to this ‘god’) is right, they say, to judge us for coming short of his incredibly high standards – even if they include murdering everyone who doesn’t conform.

Compare that with the more obvious conclusion – that there is no link between the Old Testament ‘god’, who also demands sacrifices of virgins, which in modern-day parlance is either child murder or paedophilia, with either Jesus or the many who have preached the virtues of treating others the way we wish to be treated.

I believe that The Bible is not a literal historical document, but contains key to unlock the major questions of life.

And I suggest that Britain, the United States and the rest of the western world is heavily under the influence of spiritual evil because of its adherence to this monster from history.

Old Testament prophecies from the same violent source are also behind the formation of the state of Israel which is then routinely defended by the west irrespective of how many atrocities it commits – and they continue to be legion.

It’s worth pointing out here that ‘evil’ is merely an inversion of the word ‘live’. Devil is also ‘lived’ the other way around. I no more believe in a literal ‘devil’ or Satan than a bearded gentleman with a harp.

The Bible tells us of a strange meeting in the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve and the serpent.

It also makes claims that in earlier days the lifetime of mankind was sometimes many hundred years.

Sounds very different to the life we live today.

Then there’s the mysterious flood from which Noah, one of the golden oldies, rescues enough creatures to keep us afloat  – if that’s the right phrase.

We also have unexplained miracles such as the existence of the pyramids and vague stories about Atlantis.

All this leads me to conclude human life has existed in two very different ages – before and after a world catastrophe.

And, whereas in the golden age mankind was connected to ‘god’ or whatever name you’d like to give to the creator, we have since been under the direct influence of spiritual evil.

We are told we can only use a small percentage of our brains and our world spirals from one near disaster to another. Is that evidence of spiritual development or the very opposite?

In my view, the creator has invented a world of free will – that does not mean we are naughty boys and girls in need of a saviour, nor does it give any one set of people carte blanche to seek to dominate its neighbours.

I believe we are close not to the end of the world – as some suggest – but to the conclusion of this murderous age before we evolve into the beings we were always meant to be. Able to use 100 per cent of our potential.

The future, despite horrific daily headlines, is wonderful – but we need to deal with spiritual evil in the name of religious orthodoxy.

It can and will be done…..

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