Candles in the Wind – the story of two women who knew too much……

HIS was the most famous vocal performance of all time.

When Elton John sang his updated Candle in the Wind at the funeral of Princess Diana in September 1997, it reduced countless people throughout the world to floods of tears.

It was utterly unforgettable…..

He has kept his vow of performing the song publicly  only once, even though it is now second only to Bing Crosby’s White Christmas as the best selling single of all time.

Candle in the Wind was originally written about the incredible Marilyn Monroe.

And the coincidences about two of the most famous beautiful blondes in history don’t end there.

Both women were taken from this world at the significantly early age of 36.

Both were in the process of seeking to escape from destinies they only ever partly signed up for.

Both were brutally murdered by the state……..

People who take important roles in the world appear to the general populace to arrive almost randomly on the scene.

But, like countless others, Marilyn and Diana were groomed for their parts.

Marilyn wasn’t just a Hollywood actress, she was a sex slave of the White House.

This explains why she managed to have brief relationships with both significant Kennedys – and why her life and death were never her own.

She was sexually abused as a child and again on the Hollywood casting couch.

She was then subject to a mind control programme for her specific job within the White House.

The problem with mind control is that its effects tend to wear off after about 20 years.

Marilyn, or Norma Jean as she is referred to in Elton’s song and how she preferred to be known in real life, was becoming angry with the facade and abuse of her public life.

She wanted to retreat from Hollywood into obscurity, but her time in the programme and her relationship with the President meant she knew far too much…….

Lady Diana Spencer fitted the role of ‘sex slave’ within Buckingham Palace – although, in truth, it was more a case of rearing heirs for the Royal bloodline and, after the first few years of her emotionally bankrupt and abusive marriage, she sought her sexual solace elsewhere.

She may have only courted Prince Charles for a few months and felt, at times, that she did most of the running but that’s an illusion.

The Royals had her eyes on her for some time. She came from aristocratic  stock and this, along with her status as a virgin, were the qualities they were looking for.

For Charles, a rampant devourer of elite young women, she wasn’t even his number one Spencer.

He had a brief relationship with her older sister Sarah before having his eyes turned to the blushing Diana.

Taking the role of the Hollywood caster was Camilla Parker Bowles,

It’s no coincidence she appeared almost everywhere the courting couple went.

For, within the Royal household, Camilla was designated to find a wife for Charles to provide them with suitable heirs.

Diana’s public life was akin to Marilyn’s career. Both were essentially  film stars because there was no substance to their roles bar the need to satisfy the cameras and the insatiable appetite of the public for fantasy.

But, unfortunately for those who seemingly plotted, the perfect state productions, Marilyn and Diana shared something else in common.

They were both, at heart, rebels. And this trait emerged as they got older.

Like Marilyn and her desire to quit the limelight, Diana wanted out of the Royal Family and the establishment that manipulated her whole life.

But could she be trusted to ‘go quietly’ any more than Marilyn would have kept her mouth shut?

Not a question that even needs to be asked.

Diana was speaking openly about her ‘secret that will shock the world’. That was something the Royal Family were never going to allow to be shared.

So, at the shockingly early age of 36, both were cynically snuffed out in their prime.

The circumstances were, of course, different.

Marilyn’s death was presented as suicide – infact she was given a cocktail of drugs.

Diana’s demise was announced as a ‘road accident’ – as she had widely predicted. Well, that was Plan A but she’d be alive today were it not for the ‘treatment’ she received in the slowest ambulance in history.

Did Elton John know the horrific truth about the deaths of the two subjects of his brilliant song?

Well, he socialised long and hard enough with the Royal Family to know something of the way they operate.

But, the very fact that he is a Knight of the Realm, indicates their secret is safe.

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