Three down, EIGHTEEN to go – TV the only winners from England’s crazy cricket schedule

IF ENGLAND’s battered and beaten Ashes cricketers are looking for consolation, they need to look away from the administrators.

The meaningful result of the winter was done and dusted this morning when Australia, deservedly and inevitably, took a 3-0 lead in the five Test series.

There’ll be some characters in that English dressing room who’d secretly much prefer to be home for Christmas instead of facing another potential drubbing in the Boxing Day Test.

That’s human nature – and I can hardly blame them.

But, incredibly, that’s just the start of the story. For there are still 18 international matches to play before England return home – just in time for a home series against Pakistan!

Obviously there are a significant number of different selections for the One Day International and T20 sides set to face Australia and New Zealand in coming weeks but the fixture list, compiled more to please greedy TV companies than the burning desires of supporters, isn’t helping one bit.

By the time England play the second of two Tests against the Kiwis we will be into April and the tour will be into its SIXTH month.

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