Queen’s real Christmas message: “I’m still hanging on, but losing control…”

FOR MILLIONS of people The Queen’s traditional Christmas Day speech broadcast at 3pm is a centrepiece of their festive season.

They soak up her carefully rehearsed platitudes, raise a toast to their Sovereign and say what a wonderful lady she is.

I should know because I was one of them until about five years ago.

As with all ‘celebrities’, we feel – wrongly, of course – that we know Queen Elizabeth II. After all, she has been reigning over us for 65 years.

But, in truth, we know very little about her. Only once in her whole reign has she bared her soul to broadcast live to the nation and that was one of the best staged hoaxes in history!

What are her views on politics, poverty, homelessness, technology, the European Union? Is she a warm or a cold personality, fun-loving or staid and boring, what does she really think about her unique role in the modern world? We will never know, unless we do a lot of digging.

In her defence, she is, we presume, supposed to be neutral on such matters – although it’s a matter of conjecture what guidance, if any, she gives to her Prime Ministers during their weekly chats.

Queen Elizabeth works on the basis that the less the public knows about her the better. That way the mystique remains, and we will be generous in the way we fill in the gaps.

The same applies to Prince Phillip. He has famously let slip his appalling racist and backward views on several subjects. But the lid went down a fair few years ago and his reputation has been silently rebuilt as the loyal companion of Her Majesty.

After all, when we got to know that Prince Charles talks to plants and has very strong views on architecture, it did nothing at all for his public image.

To this day, many believe he is a strange, left-field type of man who won’t make a very good Monarch.

To the best of my knowledge, that view is shared by The Queen herself.

For one of the reasons she will never relinquish the throne is the thought that her son will take her place – unless he sensationally refuses it.

Endless things happen behind closed Royal doors. Like all of you, I am not privy to any of them.

But I can confirm that Queen Elizabeth did die during 2017. I’m not referring here to the Facebook hoax of the previous December but an incident that was real enough for Buckingham Palace to issue an official press release.

It was very briefly reported that news of her death had been ‘wrongly’ circulated online as The Queen was brought back to life and the press release was withdrawn.

Like most things the Royals don’t want you to think about, it passed without any noticeable public investigation.

The angst of The Queen over what will happen after she finally does pass away makes the hoax of her much publicised Annus Horribilis a molehill in comparison.

Her whole life has been dedicated, not to the well-being of this country as the public naively believes, but to maintaining her dynasty.

Like the rest of the super-rich – and The Queen’s fortune is almost incalculable – she is plagued by the need to maintain and extend her dominion.

She survived a major scare after the murder of Princess Diana in 1997 when the country was closest to asking real questions.

Knowing full well what was going to happen to Diana, the Royals were camped at Balmoral, misguidedly thinking they could ride the public storm.

As highlighted in the excellent film Queen, it took considerable pleading by the relatively new Prime Minister Tony Blair to bring them back to London, fly the flag at half mast and take the unprecedented step of addressing the nation live.

The five minutes that followed soothed the anger of the public very successfully as The Queen spoke of her feelings as a grandmother as well as a Monarch.

Yet her performance was as real as Meryl Streep’s.

Body language experts read that The Queen was still angry and did not communicate any emotion.

It was, in short, a cold, blue blooded attempt to deceive her people into believing she cared.

And it worked.

In the last few years her cover has again been in danger of being blown.

Even the most naïve of folk must wonder how the Royals could have been such close friends with despicable paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile.

Although Savile’s secret was successfully kept from the public for more than half a century, it is inconceivable the secret services were unaware of his true identity.

So what was he doing with the nation’s ‘favourite’ family? The answer is obvious but our level of denial fed by a desire to look up to the Royals as ‘special’, means few people can add two and two and make four.

Then there has been the warrant to bring Prince Andrew, The Queen’s love-child with Lord Porchester (yes, yet another of those secrets), to trial over his connections with paedophilia.  But, being above the law, no reply was ever made by Buckingham Palace and the issue conveniently dropped.

Now time is catching up with the iron lady who has kept so much under her control.

She knows that when she passes away for good, the secrets she has kept for so long will come out.

She would much rather the throne be given to her grandson Prince William who is better placed in the public’s view to ride any storm.

But that is one thing she, as yet, can’t control……..

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