You are a human being, but treated as a commodity…..

DO you get the feeling you are regarded by the state as an economic product or a number rather than a unique human being?

Whatever our level of education, most of us work for corporations during our most healthy years battling to ensure we have enough money to pay our bills.

Some do rather better than that and even enjoy their servitude. A significant and ever-growing number, however, fall victim to a system in which money is created as debt.

If we are lucky, you’ll be well off enough to eek out some sort of living in your retirement. This is, however, creating the authorities a real problem as only 20 odd years ago 50 per cent of us died within a couple of years of giving up work.

The truth is this feeling of being a product is factual reality.

And you don’t have to become an adult to become an economic product – that happens very soon after your birth.

I’d wager 99 per cent of folk in this country believe their birth certificate is a mundane piece of bureaucracy that does little more than purely register your name and existence.

Without question it’s the most significant document you will ever possess.

For your birth certificate registers you not as a living human being but a corporation.

In Britain, you are therefore enrolled as an employee of UK Plc and assigned an economic value.

From this point, you are literally traded –  as a commodity – until your bond matures at the age of 30.

You might be very pleased to know your value is probably a lot greater than you’d imagine.

Problem is you are never told anything about all this!

But it doesn’t end there.

Your birth certificate gives the state the authority to legislate against you.

But to do so they must provide you with a fake identity.

As human beings, we are automatically sovereign and should not be accountable to the judiciary or the government which are state-created organisations.

Our rights are enshrined in one of the world’s most historic documents the Magna Carta.

The way our system works is this. They treat you as if you were a piece of cargo landing in a port and subject you to maritime law.

To do this, they create a fiction on your birth certificate. This means I am no longer a human being but MR JOHN MARTYN BRINDLEY. Note the capital letters and how often they reoccur on official documents. This isn’t done for readability but is legalese.

I’m no expert on this but take notice of the word ‘corporation’ which is based on ‘corpse’, meaning our state identity is regarded not as living, as dead.

To add to the maritime theme, when you appear in a court, you stand in a ‘dock’.

If you want to buy a house and go to a bank or building society, they will provide you with a ‘mortgage’ – again the wording speaks of ‘death’.

Save for your birth certificate, you would not be subject to paying taxes.

You would not have to defend yourself to the police or courts unless you infringe the rights of other human beings by causing them physical or financial harm.

As for speeding or parking fines, they’re laughable. If I drive my vehicle without causing harm to anyone else, I’m obeying human law.

Nobody has a right to deny me access to the land as I’m a sovereign human being.

This information is relatively new to me but it’s no conspiracy theory, it’s very easily verifiable.

You can even access a website and find out the value of your bond.

When you do so, you won’t ever feel guilty about receiving benefits or health care.

Put frankly the state is only paying back a very small amount of what is owed to you.

There should also be no question of you having houses or other items repossessed.

Many people will come across information such as this and immediately discard it.

After all, it doesn’t fit in with anything we’ve previously been told.

The reason the state does all this – without telling you – is to ensure you spend the best part of your lives working for it.

Then they have the cheek to make you pay for your end-of-life care when you are no longer of any economic use to them.

And you thought the slave trade was a thing of the past…..

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