Strange tale of British man who did die from suspected poisoning – and our Government doesn’t want to know!

IT isn’t what happens but whom it happens to that really matters…..

The alleged poisoning of Russian double agent Sergei Skripal has been escalated into an international incident that may yet affect the lives of millions of people across the world.

Yet the death of 39-year-old Max Spiers in July 2016, also from suspected poisoning, is being treated as so unimportant that nearly two years later an inquest has not been completed.

Spiers was, in modern parlance, a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I’m sure he would have identified more readily with the phrase ‘truth seeker’.

Unlike Skripal, he was a British citizen by birth, hailing from Canterbury, Kent.

And, unlike Skripal, he is actually dead.

Despite continued attempts by his mother Vanessa Bates and fiancée Sarah Adams to have his death properly investigated, the British foreign office has refused to take the issue any further.

Spiers was on a speaking mission in Warsaw, Poland, at the time of his passing.

His last interview, readily available for anyone to watch on You Tube, clearly shows him in a slightly distressed and confused state.

He slurs his words and appears even to fall asleep whilst wrestling with deep issues.

But, more tellingly, he sent a text message to his worried mum just four days before he died.

It read: ‘Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me. Investigate.’

No post mortem was carried out in Poland. Instead the only information given to his mother was that Spiers had died from ‘natural causes’.

Yet, even though Spiers was a fitness fanatic who had spewed up a large volume of black liquid, his relatives have hit a brick wall in attempting to uncover the true cause of his death.

Last November an inquest back in England was suspended as the coroner claimed he did not have enough information to continue.

Unlike Skripal, Spiers’ modus operandi did not endanger the lives of people.

Instead he attempted to spread his truth after emerging from what he claimed as a mind control programme in his early years.

Unlike Skripal, there is no possible capital to be gained by the British government in investigating this incident.

Digging into the background of Spiers and the work he was involved in would reveal his beliefs that high-level folk, some at Government level, were involved in secret paedophile rings.

His family and many people, who listened with interest at what this courageous young man had the guts to say publicly, continue to mourn his passing.

Authorities in both Britain and Poland continue to remain conspicuously silent.

Morality and the search for truth rarely co-incide.

Had Skripal been passing secrets to the Russian instead of the British authorities, ordinary folk would have known less about him today than they do about Max Spiers.

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