We are not our bodies – we live in different dimensions at the same time…..

IMAGINE a man coming home at night after a hard day’s work, slapping his well-worn suit on the dining room table and saying: “That’s it. I’m dead!”

It would be crazy, laughable for anyone to think that, minus our clothes, we would cease to exist.

Yet that’s like how most people go through their lives on earth with little or no idea of who or what they truly are.

The important point is this: You and I, and everyone else who shares this living space, are NOT our physical bodies.

Our body performs a similar function for human beings as a space suit for those who may (or may not!) have stepped on the moon.

Without a physical body, it is impossible to live in this dimension – without a space suit, the astronaut would not be able to set foot on another planet.

I have carried round with me from my early schooldays echoes of an experience I believe I had prior to my physical birth on earth.

I remember talking to someone or something who told me that as soon as I was ‘born’ I would forget everything – in other words who I really was.

I thought this was crazy and simply wouldn’t happen. But, of course, it very largely did.

The only experience I can liken it to is being in an operating theatre and being given an anaesthetic.

When they tell me that I will soon be asleep and when I wake up it will all be over, there’s a very temporary feeling of disbelief.

I always think for a few seconds that the anaesthetic is not going to work and I’m going to stay exactly in my current state.

But, then, I’m gone and when I awake I’m in a different room and something important has taken place.

The ‘real’ me is my spirit or soul. It matters not what terminology we use.

The ‘real’ me has very little to do with my name, my occupation or anything else that has happened to me during the last 56 years.

When I went on the stage at Quorn Village Hall last November to play Friar Tuck in the Christmas pantomime, I didn’t become Friar Tuck. It was merely a role I took on for a couple of days.

It’s much the same with our experience on earth. John Martyn Brindley is the role I have taken on for goodness knows how long – but, let’s face it, I’m well into the second half of my lifetime.

My soul, as I wish to refer to it, is both fully connected with this lifetime – and fully separate.

I believe that we live as multi or inter dimensional beings.

I’m recalling now, as I write this, an interesting experience I had with a member of the Loughborough Cancer Self Help Group.

This lovely, lovely spirit was within months of her physical ‘death’ as she was fighting terminal cancer.

I asked how she was and she told me something of the physical ordeal she was going through.

I was moved to say: “But the real you is very, very well – infact you have never been better!”

Spiritually, she was in a great place. And I knew that, unlike people who pass over in a confused state, she would have a very ‘conscious’ transition.

I believe she is wonderfully alive and well and in touch with our world today.

The most obvious time when we withdraw from this dimension and enter another is during our sleep.

During deep sleep, our spirit withdraws from this world and goes home.

I believe we live just as full a live in the spiritual dimension as we do here.

But, again, we are frustratingly unable, for the most part, to recall it.

Our physical ‘death’ is therefore very similar to our ‘birth’.

‘Death’ is no more than the spirit detaching fully from our suit of armour and consciously re-engaging with another realm of existence.

The only difference is that we are then fully able to recognise the co-existence of both worlds.

In the spirit world, we are still very much in touch with earth.

The connections we have made through ‘love’, very often including our human relations, are still very strong. Infact we realise they were never broken in the first place. It was merely so that after our loved ones passed over, our physical means of communication was all but severed.

We also quickly realise that there is no such thing as ‘judgement’, bar the fact that we will be shown the affect our live has had on our loved ones, friends and the wider world and we will make our own judgement.

If only we could take on board knowledge of our true selves, whilst still here on earth, we would live without so much fear.

I’m writing here in the full knowledge that there is a ‘veil’ between this physical dimension – known as the 3d world – and the next.

But that is slowly but surely being lifted.

You will hear much, much more from genuine psychics and mediums over the next few years – and many folk, who have totally denied such knowledge all their lives, will be ‘awakened’ to the gifts that have remained dormant for so long.

Jesus Christ himself said: “And the truth shall set you free…”

Free from fear of ‘death’, free from the largely illusory troubles of this world and free from physical limitations.

The future’s great for all of us – even those who think what I have written here is total nonsense!





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