Why The Beatles were all over in September 1966……

HOW did four admittedly talented and good looking English musicians called The Beatles change the world in the 1960s?

The answer, I believe, is with a little help from the state’s friends….

The world’s most famous band were supported by an organisation called The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations based in London, which has links with British intelligence.

They were not on their own. The Rolling Stones were another Tavistock product as they sought to socially engineer the United Kingdom in the most magical of decades.

The Swinging Sixties wasn’t merely the result of an increase in public consciousness discarding old taboos. That was part of the story.

The years of change were carefully engineered to cause the break-up of families and isolate individuals, so they could become more easily controlled in future.

Looking at our current in Britain in 2018, this process is very close to completion, thanks to our addiction to technology which reduces positive human interaction and traps people in a virtual reality world.

The Beatles were good, but they genuinely weren’t that good to suddenly have young females casting aside all forms of discipline. That was the result of drugs and mind control.

An intoxicating combination of music and drugs, backed by subliminal messages, prompted young people to dismiss old ideals and seek enlightenment.

The Beatles were never visited by a man in a dark suit telling them he was from Mi5 and pledging to take them to the promised land.

Instead it is probable that they had much gentler rumblings over what was going on.

Tavistock and co work in much subtler ways, bringing key people into our lives and nudging along a predestined path.

Only by looking back at apparent co-incidences is it possible to see what was going on all along.

The fact that there was more to the fab four than met the eye and the ear was confirmed by what happened after the mysterious death of James Paul McCartney in September 1966.

Instead of admitting to the world that the star was dead or disbanding due to their grief, the ‘programme’ had to go on.

Infact the death of Paul McCartney was much more likely part of the plan as I suspect that his demise was no accident.

For some reason, his face no longer fitted and the shadowy forces behind the group were already preparing William Shears Campbell to take his place whilst they were performing in America.

William, like Paul, was a talented Liverpudlian musician who had recently won a Paul McCartney look-alike competition. Yet he needed a fair lick of cosmetic surgery to hide the glaring differences.

Even British intelligence could do little about the fact William was and is a full three inches taller than Paul.

But they took very straightforward steps to ensure William was not directly seen in public.

Most folk live today will be blissfully unaware that they never actually saw the ‘real’ Paul.

That black and white footage isn’t a patch on the digital media of today.

And, unless you were one of the thousands who were caught more personally in Beatlemania, that’s as close up as any of us got.


Funnily enough, The Beatles never toured again after the end of their USA adventure in August 1966 – the month before Paul’s death.

This was somewhat surprising as they were truly at the very height of their powers.

Afterwards they merely produced studio albums where their amazing secret was much safer.

Their manager Brian Epstein died in 1967, reportedly committing suicide after being tormented by personal issues.

The chemistry between Lennon and McCartney, so instrumental to the band’s success, was never the same again.

A strange woman called Yoko Ono suddenly appeared in Lennon’s life only two months after Paul’s death.

Lennon, however, became more and more of a loose cannon producing brilliant music such as Imagine, giving voice to a vision of world unity entirely at odds wit his backers at Tavistock and Mi5

Lennon was allegedly shot dead by a madman in 1980 – the last flickering hopes of a Beatles revival went with him.

Yet in truth it was all over as far back in 1966 when the true backers of The Beatles pulled off an astonishing trick.

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