Truth and Lies

A LIE’S a lie… always was, always is.

It doesn’t matter if you hear it every day of your life.

Your parents tell you when you’re a child and it sinks deep down past the young uncritical mind into the subconscious.

Then your schoolteachers repeat it over and over again. No dissenting voices raised. It must be true?

University professors explain it in ever more sophisticated ways. History is full of it. Stories retold and reshaped over the centuries come to the same conclusion. It’s intelligent to believe it, foolish to foster the merest doubt.

‘The lie’ becomes our friend, something to rely on in moments of crisis. To many it brings reassurance, to others even joy. Life changes rapidly all around us, old beliefs and customs inexplicably biting the dust, job insecurity, domestic woes and illness, but what we have been told remains constant.

It’s all around us in everyday life. Newspapers fawn and admire, TV displays the glitzy, happy, flag-waving images; it’s on the posters, even the bank notes, recognised by the institutions we do business with, part and parcel of the very fabric of our lives.

Yes, we hear some shouting in the wilderness. But they’re extreme, crazy, naïve, stupid,  drunk on conspiracies. We enjoy putting them in their place. ‘The lie’ crowds out all invaders.

‘Experts’ ascribe nobility, virtue, even majesty to the lie. There’s a glint in aged eyes as they describe their version of it. ‘The lie’ has served them well, got them to a stage in life where people look up to them also. They reflect and bask in the glory of what they, too, were first told as children.

Now we are passing on our knowledge to our children and grandchildren. Long live ‘the lie’.

Believing the lie is comfortable. No need to rethink. There’s safety in numbers. Others nod reverently in appreciation when we mention it. It’s good for our street cred, family life, careers, prosperity.

Becoming old ourselves leaves still less reason to back track. We’ve believed what we were told for 20,000-plus days, we’re not changing now. ‘Are you telling me all I’ve ever believed is a lie? How dare you!’

All this matters little and is as impermanent as our dreams, our families, houses, all we have built in this material life.

If it was a lie at the beginning, it’s still a lie…. RIP


THE TRUTH’s the truth…….

Even if we’ve never heard it before – not even once – and may never meet it again.

It came to us as a stranger. From the mouth or keyboard of someone we don’t even recognise and certainly weren’t expecting.

Our parents never told us, it never crossed anyone’s lips at school.

At university, we’d have been marked down for even suggesting it. Who wants to fail?

There were odd hints in the newspapers, less so on the TV. Dark places on the internet introduced it – but we know too much to venture  there.

My friends didn’t mention it. Apart from a few ex-friends, I suppose. But I blocked them. Didn’t know what they were talking about.

You see, the truth isn’t as light, as easy to deal with as my comforter the lie. It challenges me, makes me think, tells me I could have been in the dark all my life. Go away! Don’t want to know….

The truth is harder to find. I looked ‘out there’ and it was well hidden. The ‘search engine’ of my mind relegated the truth to a ‘page’ so far down the line I never looked. Instead I relived over and over again the moments when I discovered the lie, then nurtured it over and over again until it became part of my being.

It’s not just friends who desert when that inconvenient thing called ‘the truth’ surfaces. Family members, bosses, colleagues who share some of our interests, label us as ‘mad’, even dangerous. The truth tops no polls, wins no popularity contests.

How dare you think differently to us? Don’t you know people have been thinking this way for hundreds, even thousands, of years. Who are you anyway? You’re no ‘expert, no letters after your name, the BBC don’t call you up for your opinion. You’re a ‘conspiracy theorist’, a nutter, off your rocker.

If you carry on broadcasting this, we are going to lock you up! Our lie is precious, it needs protecting. Everybody should be free if they agree with us.

Who wants ‘the truth’ anyway? It’s a burden, a worry, embarrassment, it threatens to destroy our well-being, family life, mental health, economic prosperity.

But whether we live one day or 100 years, come from nobility or scrape from the streets, we all have a feel for ‘the truth’.

Not ‘out there’ in the big wide world of noise and mayhem, but inside, deep within the silence.

At any time of our choice we can reconnect with our inner selves and ask the questions we daren’t voice in the crowd. We can tune in to that knowledge that passes all understanding. Know right from wrong.

For we were sourced from truth and to truth we will return.

On our journey we may encounter it for but a fleeting moment.

That matters not.

They laugh, they scorn, they ignore, they hide in good and celebrated company, but the truth is the truth. And it’s ours to know if you can handle it…..

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