Don’t be a good prisoner, be a former one!

IT was as long ago as the early 1980s when a member of a spiritual group I was on the fringes of described the earth as a ‘prison planet’.

I had little idea what he was talking about back then but clearly was interested enough to file the comment as important enough to be as clear as day nearly 40 years later.

And, yes, in the last seven or eight years I have begun to discover why we do indeed live on a ‘prison planet’.

I’m referring largely to the mental and psychological prison the majority of the human population lives in. There are no physical bars to divide us from our freedom and sovereignty but years and years of mind control.

Our prison guards are not visible either. They content themselves with a place in the shadows, no need to be elected nor endorsed by those they control. I’m referring to the movers and shakers of the so-called ‘deep state’ that have no national affinities and most certainly do not have the interests of us, their prisoners, in their hearts.

They are the instigators of a financial system that ensures most of us work long hours to keep them rich and our heads just about above water before being left on the scrapheap when our productive days are over.

Today, in the era of the coronavirus and ever increasing state control, the appropriateness of the phrase ‘prison planet’ becomes more and more glaringly obvious – to some!

Yet, instead of prompting us to throw off our psychological chains and see the light, prisoners are competing with each other to be ‘good prisoners’.

It matters not how crazy, bizarre and life-limiting the demands of the prison officers – now in the form of national governments – we are in a contest of virtue to ‘follow the rules’.

There is among the majority less desire than ever to challenge why we are imprisoned in the first place and to live life the way our creator intended.

The very limit of their expectations as they tie on their suffocating face masks and prepare to cue for a highly toxic vaccine is that one day over the rainbow our former prison rights will be restored.

This is not why I made the soul journey to take a physical body at this historic time on the planet – and, if you are reading this, it almost certainly isn’t yours either.

Our goal should not be to accept the dumbed down version of living that is currently being presented as ‘the new normal’.

We don’t need permission to begin to fight back. We can walk outside the prison whenever we choose. And leave rules and fear behind as you do so.

That’s my mission – one I believe I accepted when I agreed to come here one more time.

I wasn’t forewarned of our prison status to accept this as our eternal lot.

I was told the truth because I can do something about it. My rebellion may be small, insignificant in the minds of the many. But, as more and more of us take a stand, it will grow and victory is our destiny.


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